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Top 5 Places ➽ Learn Affiliate Marketing (Nigeria)

where to learn affiliate marketing in nigeria

Would you like to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria? Are you ready to become the next Pat Flynn, Peng Joon, and John Crestani of the century?

This article will show you 5 cool places to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria. But before I start listing, let me tell you something really important.

Ok.  The truth is, you can learn affiliate marketing from anywhere. But whether you learn it from man or God, you will not make money if you are not willing to work.

It’s not as easy as some of the online gurus paint it to be. You will struggle especially when you are just getting started. You will be frustrated at times. It takes discipline and consistency to succeed with affiliate marketing.

Having said that, now let’s talk about some of the cool places to learn affiliate marketing as a newbie.


Youtube is one of the best places to learn affiliate marketing. What was that? Did you just roll your eyes and say it’s a lie? Hear me out

As you know, there are millions of creators on youtube. Many people with different experiences. So you can learn affiliate marketing from youtube. But just like every other thing. It has it’s own pros and cons.


1: You learn at your own pace

You can watch a youtube video whenever you like. This is a very good thing for most people. Especially those that like to discover new things by themselves.

Once you search for anything on the platform. You’ll find a lot of videos that you can learn from. Take me for example, I went to youtube to learn about affiliate marketing.

I just searched for affiliate marketing and as you can see, there are a lot of free videos that are going to teach me about it.

affiliate marketing videos on youtube

One thing I really love about youtube is that you can filter the search results to only include longer videos (20 minutes and above) that were recently posted.

You can filter youtube search results

After filtering the search results, this was the outcome

the new result I got after filtering the search

So that’s how you get detailed courses on any topic

2: Learn from different people and different teachers

If you buy a paid course, you learn from just one person. Now that doesn’t mean it’s bad. But the point I’m trying to make is that you can learn from people with different ideas and different experiences.

I really like that about youtube. Who knows, someone might explain a really difficult concept in an extremely simple way.

3: It’s free, you don’t pay a dime to learn from youtube  

Although, youtube has subscriptions. You can use youtube completely free to learn about affiliate marketing without having to pay a dime.

And in some countries like Nigeria, you can even download the videos for free without having to pay a dime. This is so cool. In this case, you don’t even have to watch ads.


1:  There’s no syllabus, so your learning is disorganized

Compared to some of the other platforms I’ll discuss in this article. Youtube does not have a syllabus that you can follow.

Although many creators have helped out a lot by creating playlists. I still think that it’s a disadvantage for many people. You don’t know if the playlist follows a pattern that would take you from absolute beginner to advanced level in the topic. Or whether the creator just compiled the playlist to get more watch time from you.

I know that there are some really good creators that would help newbies out by creating playlists in that order. But most of the other creators are just trying to get more watch time and session time.

2: You can’t get personalized help 

On youtube, you can ask questions but you don’t have the assurance that your questions would be answered. So, it’s more of getting ideas and trying them out yourself.

To be honest, you can’t blame the creators. They are not obliged to answer every question on their channel and they sometimes get thousands of comments per video.

3: No personal support resulting in higher risk of failure

Learning affiliate marketing from a place like youtube means there’d be a higher rate of failure compared to someone that is held by the hand. There’s no support, so you can easily make mistakes and would quickly lose the motivation to continue when you are not getting the desired results.

4: lack of focus with so many strategies

Every day on youtube, different creators come out with their own cool strategies for promoting affiliate products. This can distract you a lot.

5: You watch lots of ads and have to pay for subscription to download videos in some countries

There are many ways creators make money from youtube and one of them is through Adsense. By showing ads on each of their videos, the creators make money. So when you are about to watch a video on youtube can you are greeted with an ad, that creator is actually making money.

Also, in some countries, you have to pay a subscription fee before you’ll be allowed to download youtube videos and watch them offline. Thankfully, in Nigeria, you can download videos without having to pay a subscription fee.


I love udemy, and I’m very certain you’ll love it too. Udemy is a very large platform where people sell their courses. One reason why I love udemy so much is that all the courses on the platform are high-quality content. So if you want to learn affiliate marketing from qualified teachers and get high-quality videos-form tutorials, check out udemy.

Again here are the pros and cons of learning affiliate marketing on udemy


1: high-quality content is sure on the platform

On udemy, all the videos there are high-quality videos. It’s a big standard that must be followed on the platform by all creators and tutors. Their videos and audio must be high quality.

This is one of the reasons why udemy is really good to learn affiliate marketing or basically anything

2: very cheap prices for new users and they have a lot of promos

One other reason why I love udemy so much is because of their extremely cheap prices. Some people say, if it’s cheap is not of high quality. But on udemy, the opposite is the case.

For very cheap and affordable prices, you can get your hands on priceless gems of information that can help you learn affiliate marketing or whatever topic you are interested in.  

3: There is personalized help on udemy

You can ask questions based on where you are on your learning journey and get personalized help. If you are confused at any point, you can ask your instructor a question and he/she is going to answer you.

Trust me, it’s a very good feeling to know that someone is actually there to watch after you and help you make money with affiliate marketing.

4: All the courses on udemy are structured in an orderly manner to take you from newbie to expert

There is no assumption on udemy. They pick you from scratch – knowing little or nothing about the topic – and walk you to the advanced level.

Udemy is a really nice platform if you want to learn about affiliate marketing.


1: You have to pay to learn on the platform

Although, I think this is still a pro because if you pay, you pay attention. It’s a disadvantage for people without any finance. If you are really serious about learning anything, trust me, you can afford to pay for the courses on udemy.

A good trick is to buy courses whenever they are running a sales promo like black Friday or cyber Monday.

2: I’m still thinking of another one


Have you ever searched for something on google before? That’s a very funny question, right? I know. Because you search for things all the time. You probably searched for “where to learn affiliate marketing in Nigeria” before you found this article.

Blogs are an exciting way to learn new things and increase your knowledge. If you want to learn affiliate marketing, there are a lot of blogs (high-quality blogs to learn from)

Dope affiliate marketing blogs owned by affiliate marketers who have earned a lot of money with affiliate marketing.


1: learn from people who have actually done what they are saying

Most blogs are owned by people who are doing exactly what they preach and are already making money from their blogs.

For instance, if you see a blogger writing about a topic like “how to get google AdSense approval”. And on the site you can see some Google AdSense ads. Would you doubt that the blogger knows what he’s saying? Of course, not.

The same thing applies to affiliate marketing. When you read most blogs about affiliate marketing, you’ll notice that the creators are also linking to their affiliate products (which means they are practicing what they preach)

2: you can ask questions and will often get a response

People rarely ask questions on blogs. So if you ask a question on any of those affiliate marketing blogs, you’ll definitely get a response as long as the owner of the blog is still active.

3: learning is at your own pace

You can read 1 (or 30) articles per day. It’s all up to you. Learning is at your own pace.


1: It might be copied content

Some newbie bloggers – that don’t like to work – would just copy someone else’s content that the creator took a lot of time to create.

They would copy it and paste it on their own website and pose like it was theirs. This is a very big advantage when it comes to learning from blogs.

2: could be outdated content

It takes a while for blog posts to appear on the first page of google. For that reason, bloggers must constantly update their blog post to make sure it’s still relevant when it begins to rank on google for that search term.

Some bloggers fail to update their blogs and the content on it. This makes their articles to be filled with outdated content.

3: learning is not organized

Compared to udemy, learning through blogs is not organized. You might read a blog post and be left with even more questions than before and vice versa.

But to learn some things really well and understand, you’d have to read a lot of blogs from many different people. Still, there’s no guarantee that you’ll understand the topic in depth.

OFA challenge

Ofa challenge (one funnel away challenge) is a challenge created by the co-founder of clickfunnels. His name is Russell Brunson. Russell is one of the greatest and biggest online marketers of the century.

He was able to grow his software company from scratch to making over 100m dollars yearly using some advanced marketing strategies he shares in OFA. He designed OFAfor newbies who want to learn online marketing (aka selling products online)

With ofa, you can go from a beginner marketer to an advanced marketer. The cool thing about marketing is, once you learn the core concepts and the fundamental principles, you can apply them to selling your own products as well as selling the products created by other people.

So if affiliate marketing excites you, you can check out ofa today, and learn there. Of course, this has its own pros and cons and as you know I don’t hide anything. Let’s talk about them too.


 1: You are given personal support from experts

Russell Brunson has experts on board that would teach you how the entire process works. If you have any questions, you can ask them and you’ll be given the help you need.

2: There’s a community of learners at your level

When you join the challenge, you’d be added to a private Facebook group without other students that have paid. This is a very good source of motivation. You know how intense the competition is when you are in a class filled with many brilliant students.

You know how the competition is. The only difference between school and this one is that you’d learn how to make money online from this challenge.

3: There are a lot of testimonials that show that this is legit

A lot of people have attended the one funnel away challenge and they have given their reviews of the challenge. Most people say it has taught them a lot about marketing and selling products online.

4: It was created by someone who has made millions of dollars with the same strategies

Russell Brunson is someone who has generated millions of dollars selling products online. He teaches the same process in the challenge. Whether you want to sell your own products and services or an affiliate offer. Attending ofa is a very good start.


1: It’s a paid course

To attend the challenge,  you have to pay $100. This means that the freebie seekers won’t be able to join the challenge. But don’t let this scare you. It’s worth every dime you pay for it. Also, they have a money-back guarantee.

This means that, after attending the challenge, you feel like it’s a waste of time. You can ask for a refund and they would return your money back to you.

2: It lasts for only 30 days

Each day for the entire 30 days has its own challenge. So it means you have to follow up otherwise, you’d be left behind. It’s very challenging for those who would not be able to follow up for one reason or the other.


As you’ve seen above, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to learn how affiliate marketing works – or to learn about affiliate marketing. Just look for the right place that suits your taste (and condition) and start learning.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, suggestions or additions, drop a comment below and I’ll make sure I respond to you as soon as possible.

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