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Virtual Assistant ► How To Find And Hire A Good Virtual Assistant

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You will learn how to find and hire a good virtual assistant in this article. Time is the most valuable resource on earth. The only thing that cannot be gotten back. Once it is gone, forget it, it’s gone.

Virtual assistants are the way to double, triple or even quadruple our efforts. With virtual assistants you can free up your time. You can finally spend more time with your loved ones while your business is growing super-fast.

In this article, we would dive deep into the world of leverage. You can leverage other people’s time to reduce the amount of time you spend working.

When you delegate tasks, you can then focus on doing more important things that can help you stay healthy or even start a new business.

We’ll discover 5 reasons why your business needs a virtual assistant. The 4 most important things you must look out for when hiring virtual assistants. And finally, I will show you exactly how you can get professional virtual assistants that will help you get more free time.

If you are excited, let’s get into the main details. But first…

Who is a virtual assistant?

According to Investopedia, a virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.

It’s such a simple definition but let me explain it in simpler terms.

This means that a virtual assistant is someone, an entrepreneur who independently takes on jobs and doesn’t need to be seated in an office 24/7 to carry them out.

5 reasons why you need a virtual assistant

Saves time

Do you feel like you need more time? Are you constantly “working in” your business instead of “on the business”? Do you feel like you are still an employee working a 9-to-5 job despite being the CEO of the company?

Then you need a virtual assistant. You need a VA because they can help you save more them and accomplish more.  

Helps you become more productive

Being more productive is the Holy Grail in business. To accomplish more tasks, you have to be super productive. You have to be able to follow a deadline.

This is the main goal of VAs. They will help you pay for only productive tasks. So, you can finally stop worrying about employees checking social media during work hours.

Scale your business super-fast.

Have you been thinking of scaling your business lately? Would you like to finally be able to reach your financial goals? Asking for help is the right way to go about it.

You have only 24 hours like every other person on earth. The only way to double or triple or (whatever)ple your accomplishment daily is by leveraging the help of others.

Get more done than you can possibly do alone

When you get people to help you out, you can finally do much more than you could ever dream of. If you are a blogger, writing one or two articles per day is really how far you can go (for detailed articles) and 5 to 6 articles for news sites.

When you add the efforts of other people you can do up to 10 detailed articles per day depending on your preferences. So let’s look at the four things to look out for before you hire a virtual assistant.

4 things to look out for when hiring a virtual assistant


Are they reliable? Can you give them a description of what you want to be done and go to bed knowing that the result will be exactly what you envisioned?

The only way to find out is by giving your virtual assistant what I call a test gig. This is where you give them a very small gig that you could otherwise have done yourself to a VA to see how fast and reliable they are.

This gig shouldn’t cost you much, it’s just to see if they are reliable.

Communication skills

You must only work with a virtual assistant with good communication skills. They should be able to explain what they have to offer fast and accurately.

This is how you know that they will be able to explain their progress report. A VA who lacks good communication skill would not be able to pass information to you the right way.

Again you can discover their communication skills by interviewing them before hiring.

Are they being monitored?

If you are hiring a virtual assistant from an established company then be rest assured that they will be monitored. Whenever you feel like they are not delivering what you expected. You can send a complaint to the company and it will be sorted out. On the flip side, if you go with a solo VA then you can really complain to anyone.

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Where to hire a good and trustworthy virtual assistant

If you want to hire a virtual assistant, you’ve got two options. Hire from a trustworthy and established company or go a solo VA. I recommend you go with a reputable company like the virtual assistant group.

Keep reading to learn more about them below.

The virtual assistant group

The virtual assistant group is an India based company where you can find virtual assistants. Their goal is to match you with the best virtual assistant that will help you out with your need.

How to hire a virtual assistant from the virtual assistant group

First, you need to book a free 30 minutes consultation call with them. This is how you can learn more about them, their fees and how they can help you. After the consultation call, they will quickly match you with professional VA that can cater for your needs.

Here’s where it gets better, after they match you with a VA, they’ll also set up a call for you to chat with the recommended VA. This will help you accurately explain what you need, get to know their experience and previous projects and see if they are the best person to work with you.

If for any reason you don’t like the virtual assistant, they will help you to find another one.

Book your free consultation call here and find the best VA for your need

What type of virtual assistant can you find on the VAG?

According to the virtual assistant group, you can find “all services under the roof” with them. From social media administration to internet marketing to sending of emails. They’ve got you covered.

They are also very flexible which makes life even easier for you. If you want to assign more services to them, you can do that very easily.

How to leverage a virtual assistant to grow your business

When your business gets to a certain level, a virtual assistant is needed to successfully grow that business. We all have 24 hours in a day. So leveraging the efforts of a virtual assistant will help you quickly scale up your business.

How can virtual assistants help your business?

A virtual assistant can help you in numerous ways. They:

can help you avoid paying taxes

Yes, companies pay taxes for having employees but with virtual assistants, you can avoid paying them. Although you might still end up paying in the form of VA fees but not all the time. Especially when you have great bargaining skills.

will help you pay less for inventories

Hiring new employee comes with more fees. Not just the onboarding fees. When you hire virtual assistants you will only be paying for their productive tasks and nothing more.

Produce faster results

Wikihow is a website that produces many how-to articles, these articles are not written by one person. You can expect that they are employing the services of many different people. Not necessarily virtual assistants.

My point is, that with virtual assistants, you can get more things done. From writing blog posts to editing your videos to anything you can think of. You are only limited by your spending limits. But from the results gotten by Wikihow, you know that this can turn out to be really profitable.

answer to clients any time of the day

What if you are not a blogger, VAs are very important, no matter the business you are in. if you are a coach, you can use virtual assistants to answer the question your clients might have. They can even help you close sales and answer phone calls from new customers.

can work from anywhere in the world

Virtual assistants can work from anywhere in the world. That’s why they are called “virtual” assistants. You can get a virtual assistant from the Philippines working for you or from India like in the case of the virtual assistant group mentioned above.

How to manage a virtual assistant – 3 tips

Know exactly what you need

You have to be very clear with the services you want your virtual assistant to carry out for you. When you understand what you want to be done, you can easily critique what they do and give them constructive feedback.

Not knowing what to expect is very bad. They might do a very bad job and you won’t even know. This way you might end up losing a lot of money.

Communicate clearly what you want to be done

This goes back to your own communication skill. A good way to improve your communication with your VA is to write down exactly what you want them to do for you and read it to yourself like you were the virtual assistant.

You can make changes to this draft before you finally relate it to your VA.

Review their services and give constructive feedback

Always inspect the services of your virtual assistant to see if they are meeting your expectations. Try to inspect them earlier before spending a lot of money which might turn out to be a waste of money.

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What can virtual assistants help you with?

Virtual assistants can help you with any work that can be done over a computer. As long as you don’t need to be there physically, virtual assistants can fill in for you.

They can help you with answering phone calls, and emails, replying to comments on social media, researching on the web, writing blog posts and more. Anything you can possibly assign to someone can be done by a virtual assistant.

Is hiring a virtual assistant worth it?

To answer this question, I’m going to use an illustration. If you are making $1000 monthly from your website and you are working like 30 hours every week.

You do everything yourself like replying to comments and emails every single day, you write the blog posts and you create all the images for your blog post. You send outreach emails to blogs for an opportunity to write a guest post and you do all the follow-up yourself.

Wouldn’t it be worth it, if you got someone to do all that work for you, and free up your time? Well if you said no, I get it. Let me explain the math.

If you paid someone, like $300 dollars to do all the basic tasks for free. This would give you more time to work on other important things. What if you could start a new website this way and with minimal efforts on your part you are able to make it generate $1000 too.

Now you’ve got two websites making you money.  And don’t forget that with this method you will still have lots of free time to create a third or a fourth website. But if you are the conservative type like me, you will want to put all your eggs in one basket and just increase the earnings of one site.

Either way, you will make a lot more money and get more free time hiring VAs than you would when working alone.

Can you trust a virtual assistant?

Yes and no. that’s why it is very important that you do your research properly. The trust you place on a virtual assistant is highly dependent on where you hire them from. If you get a VA from a trustworthy company like VIRTUAL ASSISTANT GROUP. You don’t have to worry about anything because all their virtual assistants are closely being monitored. But if you are getting a virtual assistant from a post you saw on medium, then, you have to be very careful.

The second aspect that determines whether to put your trust in virtual assistants is the nature of the jobs you are giving to them.

If you are assigning a simple task like replying to comments to a virtual assistant, you don’t have to worry much about anything because any mistake made can easily be corrected. But if it is something like closing a client for your business then you should filter only the best VAs

How much should you pay a virtual assistant?

This is another one of those questions without a definite answer. The amount you pay depends on the task you want your virtual assistant to perform for you. If you want your virtual assistant to reply to emails and comments on your website, you can pay around $50-$100/month.

Whereas, if it is to close clients who end up paying thousands of dollars, you can pay up to a thousand dollars per client. Again, it all depends on you and the job the virtual assistant is meant to do for you.

What are the best ways to hire a virtual assistant?

The best way to hire a virtual assistant is through an agency because this way, the VA would be monitored and can be fired if they do anything wrong. A good company to get virtual assistants from is the virtual assistant group

When should you hire a virtual assistant?

Most people don’t know the best time to hire a virtual assistant. The answer is very simple. If you can afford it from the very first day, go for it. If you want your business to be making a steady income first before you hire Vas, it’s all fine and good.

Can a virtual assistant really help you?

Yes, a virtual assistant can help you greatly. They can help you with any task you need for your business. To make it grow fast and to free up your time as well.


So there you have it. You now know where you can hire a good virtual assistant that will help you accomplish your goals. You learn some of the qualities to look out for when hiring a virtual assistant. I also gave you some really cool tips that will help you manage your virtual assistant the right way

As you’ve seen, when you hire a virtual assistant you can easily increase your daily accomplishments and your overall business goal.

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