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Truehost Review ➽ #1 Cheapest Hosting Company

truehost review

This is the ultimate truehost review. You want to create your own website but you aren’t sure of where to host it. You’ve found truehost but you don’t know whether you are making the right choice. This is the right article for you

Why I chose truehost and why most people do

Just like many other people, I chose truehost mainly because of their extremely cheap prices. At first, I was skeptical because I thought they would have low-quality services. You know that mentality na. Cheap things have low quality and expensive things must be high quality. And that’s why most people are scammed today.

Also, at the time, I was broke. Asin, sapa, and I were almost best friends. Can you relate? I hope not.

Anyways, I gave truehost a shot and spoiler alert, they have great services and wonderful customer support.

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Is truehost good? My 1 year Experience them

I must say that truehost has been good. There have been many instances where I kept asking myself why I chose the platform. But when I remember their prices, I’m like. Oh, that’s why.

I know some of the blogging gurus would disagree with me when I say truehost is one of the best places to get started especially if you want to create a website on a budget.

But, think about it na? Which foreign web hosting company would allow you to host a website for a whole year for less than 10K? Did I hear you say Dreamhost? Ta! Which Dreamhost? In your dreams.

On Dreamhost, you need around 16k to create your site for the first year, then about 50k every other year. Can you compare that to truehost? The answer is definitely a big long NOOO!

Many soon-to-be bloggers are out there wishing to create their website or blog when they’ve saved up enough money. What if you could get started with truehost and continue learning from there? It’s cheaper and safer too. Trust me, I know, and here’s proof.

Truehost prices

When you go to truehost and search for a domain name, you’d see whether that domain name is available for sale or whether it has been taken.

If it’s available, the price would be displayed. Here’s an example. I searched for “truehostpricing” and as you can see below it’s available. And I’m being prompted to add it to my cart.

truehost review: truehostpricing is available

I would recommend you go with a dot com domain name [like,] or in my example

It can easily be remembered and most people are familiar with using dot com. But if for any other reason, you’d like to use another domain extension. Here are some of the popular ones to choose from and their prices.

truehost review: some other popular extensions

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What I don’t like about truehost

Just like every other thing, I have to talk about the cons. This wouldn’t be a complete review if I don’t mention the downsides of truehost.

And I believe these are areas in which they can improve.

The first one is the first page you’ll find after login in. Immediately after a client logs in to the platform, they would be greeted with an error page.

At first, I thought the login didn’t work until I saw an option to visit the client area.

Secondly, my websites would sometimes give me a notification that there was a lot of load on the server (that it is temporarily busy) and I’d have to wait for like 3 or 4 minutes before I continue.

503 error on a truehost hosted site

That being said, I still think truehost is a good platform to start with if you want to create your website or blog.

If you decide to use truehost, I have a full step-by-step guide that will show you how to buy, and create a WordPress website on the platform from scratch.

Frequently asked questions

Is truehost legit?

Yes. Trueshost cloud is a legit and trustworthy web hosting platform. I’ve been hosting my site on truehost for more than a year.

Is truehost a good host?

Yes. I’ve created a website on trueshost and so far they have been good. They have their downtime from time to time but I think that’s still ok for the extremely cheap prices they offer.

Truehost contacts

If you are in Nigeria, just go to otherwise, visit

How can I pay for my truehost website?

They accept many different forms of payment. Card, bank, and more.       


I like truehost because it’s a really nice platform and because they have a great support team. If you host a website on the platform, you’ll have to face some downtime but they have a very helpful support team. So don’t worry about that. Remember, they have super cheap prices and can help you get started fast even before you think you are ready.

That’s it for my truehost review. Let me know what you think about the platform in the comments section below.

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