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The Single Most Important Thing In Any Business

the most important thing in business

Brace yourself, you are about to discover the single most important thing for your business. This can change your business for good. It is what most online business owners are using to grow and scale their businesses every single day.

Pay close attention. This is not a secret but it is much more powerful and beneficial than what most “online gurus” tag as hidden secrets today.

I am talking about email marketing! You guessed it right

Is email marketing really worth all the hype? Why is everyone talking about building an email list? There has to be something to it right?


Turn the odds in your favour

Email marketing is how you can turn the odds of your online business in your favour. You know when playing a game. The odds are not always in your favour. But when you add email marketing to your online business efforts. You will gain control of your business.

why is email marketing the most important thing in business?

Most people build their businesses on social media which is another man’s platform. Think about it.

Now when I say social media, I really mean Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and any other platform that’s getting attention now.

Building your entire business on such platforms is like building a house on quicksand. It can easily be destroyed. Why not build your own platform?

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How they make money

Look at it this way, when trying to get paid traffic to your website or your offers. You have to pay for people to come to your website. That’s how that traffic source makes money. If you just send that traffic over to your sales page without building your email list, you’ll need to pay for traffic every time you want to make sales.

Here’s what you should start doing

But if you were to send that traffic to an opt-in page (a page that forces people to opt-in to your email list). You won’t have to pay for traffic every time you need to make sales. This is because you now own their email list and you can send emails to them at any given time. This really is the most important thing for online businesses.

Now hopefully, I’ve been able to convince you that building an email list should be your focus. I want you to start doing it today.  Hold this piece of advice very close to yourself because it’s really going to help you in your journey.

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The next most important thing for every online business is:

Your relationship with your email subscribers

Some online business owners have large email lists but are not making a lot of money from them. This is because no one is reading their emails. While others with relatively smaller email lists are making massive sales.

The simple math behind this:

If you have an email list containing 10,000 emails and only 1% of your emails get opened, only 100 people will be reading your emails, unlike someone who has a very responsive email list of 1000 people and gets a 20% open rate, 200 people will read his emails.

Can you now see that it is necessary to build a good relationship with your email subscribers?

The question now is, how can one do this?

How to build a good relationship with your email subscribers

To build a relationship with your email subscribers, you have to do some basic things. It’s just the same process of building a relationship with someone you see physically.

You show them you care, and you make them realize you are human as well.

How did you become friends with your best friend?

I bet, you told each other a lot about yourselves. You asked to know about each other and you always look out for the interest of one other. You tell them your secrets and help them whenever possible.

It’s the same process in the online business world. When building a relationship with email marketing, it becomes sometimes confusing because you can’t really see who you are talking to. But if you did your homework right, you will know exactly who it is you are talking to.

How to read the minds of your email subscribers

I don’t mean to sound like a magician but if you follow what I’m about to share with you. You will be able to read the mind of your subscribers. You’ll know their likes and dislikes and you’ll be able to predict their actions.

It all starts here

It starts before you even think of getting subscribers to your email list. Before you get anyone to join your list, you have to be able to describe who it is you are trying to target.

Is it stay-at-home moms who want to try out extreme exercises? Or conservative single dads in their mid-30s who would like to learn how to cook for their kids.

You must know your lists in and out

Knowing who is going to be joining your email list is very crucial for your success. Every message you will send depends on it. If you do it right, it would look like you were reading the minds of your email subscribers, because you will always be talking about their pain points, their hopes and dreams, as well as their likes and dislikes.

It doesn’t stop there, you want to use your email list to grow your business so there are a few rules to follow if you are really serious about building a business with your list.

Five ways to get the most out of email marketing


Send relevant emails

People will join your email list for a reason. In most cases, it will be due to a promise you made them. When people join your email list because of a particular topic. Do well to stick to that topic.

It’s very annoying to build an email list of cat lovers and suddenly start sending them cool pictures of dogs. It will result in a lot of unsubscribes and can cause people to stop opening up your emails.

So, when people join your email list because of a particular topic, stick to it.


Always be selling

Whether you like it or not, for you to be able to make money in your business, you have to sell something. It could be your product or someone else’s product. Just make sure you are selling something to your subscribers. That is the only way you will make money.

To make your sales messages effective, show people the benefit of getting the product, how they will lose if they don’t buy and add urgency to your emails.

But don’t overdo this.

The best way to do this is to make the major part of your email informational. Teach people something at the start of your email. Then at the end, try to link it to the product you are trying to sell.


No need to sound like the used car salesman

To make a sale, you don’t have to persuade people to the point of lying. Being honest is more rewarding than telling lies and can help you maintain a positive relationship with your audience.

The main factor that will help you make the sale is a good and quality product and the right messaging at the right time. Yes, timing matters as well.  


Show people you care

Showing people on your list that you care can go a long way in helping you make sales online and in growing your business.

You can show people that you care by regularly surprising the people on your list with a special offer, free bonuses on your offers or even a giveaway. It will make them “want” to stay on your list longer which can result to even more sales for you.


Let them know you are human as well

Your email subscribers are humans and as humans, they love to hear stories. That’s how we have been conditioned right from when men were living in caves.

When you tell your subscribers about yourself, your stories and what is happening in your personal life or business related to your niche, it helps you build a close relationship with them. This will make them see you as a human and listen to you more.  

For example, you can tell them how you manage money as a business owner or how your children learnt to walk while linking it to your product


As a recap, the single most important thing for your business is your email list, because it turns the odds in your favour and gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors. But, you have to build a strong relationship with your audience to be successful and you do that by knowing the likes and dislikes of the people on your email list.

Lastly, to get the most out of email marketing, you have to:

  • send relevant emails
  • always be selling
  • be honest when selling
  • show people you care
  • show them you are human as well
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