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How to Start a Blog With No Money ► [Even If You Are Broke]

Do you really want to start a blog with no money?

Would you like to share your knowledge or passion with others?

You’ve searched for how to blog and you were told you need a domain name and hosting, haven’t you?

But for now, you don’t have the money to buy a domain name or to get hosting.

Now you want to learn how you can create a free blog.

I’m glad to announce to you that you are in the right place

Welcome to Gideon empire.

In this article, I will show you how you can start blogging for free. You will see 3 platforms that you can start with, totally free.

Create a Free Blog on Blogger

Yeah, the first platform I want you to know about is Blogger.

Haven’t you heard of it?

Well, if you didn’t know, you can create a free blog there and start your blogging journey for free.

It’s free to sign-up and it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to do that.

The next thing is to set up your free blog.

Again, this will be really simple to do.

Once you are logged in, just navigate to the top left corner and click on the part that says blog and create your own blog.

Create a free blog on medium

If you’ve not heard of medium before, now you know.

On medium you can also create a free blog and it shouldn’t take much time.

Interestingly, on medium, you can write and get paid. It really interesting, you will be making money while doing what you love.

There are thousands of people on medium, as well as on blogger.

Create a free blog on

It is surprising that the majority of people looking to start a free blog haven’t even heard of

Quick question, did you know that you could create a free blog on

The interesting part is, on their homepage they make it very clear that it is Free Forever.

That’s not all, they also offer you an opportunity to start email marketing for free. You can also access their landing page builder, sales funnel builder.

And my personal favourite, you can create email automation, although you are limited to just one.

It’s still very wonderful, and I love it.

So you can also create a free blog there if that’s the only thing you want to do.

Here are some of the best blogging tips I’ve learned so far 

A Warning about free blogs

It’s no brainer that free accounts are easier to set up, but the truth is there are many limitations when you create one.

The only instance where I would advise you to create a free blog is only when you don’t have the capital yet to create a paid one.

Here’s why, all the effort you will put into creating posts on your free blog will just be wasted when you finally create your own website, so why not start now.

Anyways it’s totally up to you, just know that it is very cheap to create a paid blog nowadays.

I mean, look at bluehost for example, you can start a blog on bluehost with a very little token per month. My advice START TODAY.

To Sum up

I’ve shown you how you can start your own blog even with no money on three different platforms. I hope you have decided which one you will start with.


Before you go and start creating your free website, I just wanted to know why you want to create a free blog.

Just leave a comment telling me why you would prefer to have a free blog. I would love to hear from you.

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