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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Affiliate Marketing

Reasons to start affiliate marketing

In this article, I will share with you 10 reasons why you should start your own affiliate marketing business.

I believe that an affiliate marketing business is the best type of business anyone can start.

So without wasting much time here are the 10 reasons why you should start your own affiliate business today.

It is the easiest business to start online today

Gone are the days where you had to rent a shop, register your business and pay for legal rights before starting a business.

It is super easy to start an affiliate business today. All that is needed is some determination, data connection and a laptop. The best part is, you can even start with your phone.

  • It all comes down to just three simple steps
  • Creating a website to promote affiliate products
  • Finding good products to promote and
  • Getting traffic to the website

You don’t need to create any product

Yes, as an affiliate marketer your only job is to promote. Don’t be surprised if I told you that you are already an affiliate marketer.

I said that because you might have recommended a product that you have used to someone to someone before. THAT, my friend, is affiliate marketing.

So as I said, you don’t need to create your own products. If you use a product and you find it to be amazing. All you have to do, as an affiliate marketer is to tell your audience about it. And if they eventually buy the product using your link. You will make a commission.

Isn’t that wonderful?

You can promote many products and add up the earnings

This is what I love the most about affiliate marketing. It is the fact that you can actually promote different products at the same time and make a commission from all of them.

Unlike having your own products, this is very awesome because you can make money from different channels.

In a way, it is just like you have different products as yours to promote.

Affiliate marketing generates fast results

With sites like Quora, you can get traffic to your website even from the very first day. And start making affiliate commissions, as a result.

If you promote products properly and use good affiliate marketing strategies, you can start seeing results even from the very first month of creating your website.

Of course, you are not limited to using only free traffic to promote your affiliate products. You can also use paid ads which will bring even faster results for affiliate marketing.

You can start affiliate marketing without any money

Who said you have to start with money. As you already know, you don’t need to create any products to start,

I know what you are thinking.  “But Gideon, you said we have to create a website to start affiliate marketing?”

Yes, you have to, you can create a free website on blogger and start promoting affiliate products. Of course, immediately you make the first sale you have to create your own affiliate marketing website.

I always advise my readers to create their own paid affiliate site. Because that way, you will be able to do many more things with more flexibility than if it was on a free site

Just know that you don’t have any barrier to entry

Affiliate marketing can produce passive income

Passive income? How

Let me explain, you see if you read my post about starting an affiliate marketing business, you will know that affiliate marketing is really awesome

One thing you should know is, once one of your blog posts, where you are promoting a product, starts ranking as #1 on Google. It can stay there for a very long time.

So more people come to your website and you make more affiliate sales. Basically, after you have done the work once, the rest is passive income.

It can be done from anywhere in the world

Whether you are in America or India. You can do affiliate marketing

If you love to work while travelling, affiliate marketing is for you. Really, it is so interesting and so wonderful.

As I have said earlier, once you do the work the right way you will definitely be successful. As long as there is an internet connection in that area and you can access the internet.

Look, whether you decide to go for affiliate marketing or not. I won’t make any money. But I just want you to know that it will be a very good decision.

You don’t need any skills to start

When you want to start any other business you might need a skill. For instance, if you want to start a freelance copywriting business, you will definitely need copywriting skills.

Same as when you want to start a law firm you will definitely need to learn about the law.

But as an affiliate marketer no skill is really needed. You don’t need to go to school to learn affiliate marketing.

If you have ever recommended to your friend a good snack you ate or a good place you visited. Then you already know the basics of affiliate marketing……

…… start just make sure you promote products that you have tested that is good.

Affiliate marketing is mutually beneficial

in affiliate marketing, no one is losing

you help the owner of a product sell his product, you earn a commission. And at the same time, you help your readers find good products that will be very helpful to them.

Hurray, everyone wins

Your readers are happy because when they follow your recommendations they don’t lose money. The owner of the products are happy and will trust you since they are making money through you.

Finally, you as the affiliate marketer is making free money.

Every niche has an affiliate product

Whether you are in the blogging niche, health and fitness, or drumming niche, there will always be products for you to promote.

You can find affiliate products to promote in any niche, just make sure you love the niche so that you can always promote it. Because, sometimes you might not make any sales, but if you love what you are doing. You will never give up.

In my affiliate marketing guide, I shared different marketplaces that you can join to find affiliate products to promote like Clickbank

In Conclusion

There are many more reasons why you should start an affiliate marketing business. As you have seen above affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business to start.

If you want to start and get fast results, check out my guide on the easiest way to promote affiliate products, it will help you.

So now that you have finished this guide, let me know below, the main reason why you would want to start affiliate marketing.


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