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Promote Affiliate Products With Free E-books ► (New Method)

promote affiliate products with free ebook

Promoting affiliate products is somehow hard for new affiliate marketers. Especially those who want to promote the products for free.

This has led many newbies into the wrong ways of marketing. These wrong promotional strategies are not guaranteed to make sales for you –at least not for long.

But there is a new method that will help you make affiliate sales even without much stress for promoting those products.


  1. An ebook
  2. Affiliate links to promote
  3. Promote in free websites

Strangely, unlike other techniques for affiliate marketing that requires lots of steps, this one has only three requirements and you can get them all for free. You can do it even on your mobile phone, and lastly, you don’t need a website to do this.

I’m going to show you how you can create the eBook for free and make it look really beautiful. And also I’ll show you the websites we would use to promote these eBooks.

Why this method works

So what exactly are we doing? You might ask. Why eBook?

Simply, we want to promote an affiliate product. You see, as an affiliate marketer, your job is to recommend good products to people who need these products. So what we will do is to create an ebook that will teach people something valuable – it has to be really useful or this won’t work. Then, we would recommend a useful product that will help them do what we are teaching.

Most people love freebies – at least I do. So when others see that we are offering a free gift (the eBook), they will definitely download it. And while reading majority of them would click on our affiliate link – increasing our chances of making an affiliate commission.

Hope you got the idea. Now let me walk you through the main details.

Find affiliate programs to join

This is the first thing you need to do. Look for relevant products that you will feel comfortable promoting. I’ll recommend you promote a tool – not a course. Because inside the eBook you will tell your readers to use the tool. This way, it won’t look like you are trying to sell something to them.

Where to find products that you can promote if you don’t have a website

If you are looking for products to promote there are marketplaces where you can find different products to promote. But, the majority of those marketplaces won’t approve you if you don’t have a website.  So, it will be better to promote products that host their own affiliate programs themselves. I talked more on affiliate marketing here

To do this just think of any tool you are currently using and search for the affiliate program. For example, if you use a particular video editor you can search for its affiliate program like this.

Video editor name + affiliate program

Here are three examples of products that host their own affiliate programs

  • Bluehost
  • Getresponse
  • Fiverr

By the way, these three affiliate programs are free to join

Where to find products to promote if you have a website

You can join cj affiliate marketplace or Shareasale, they are great places to join.

How to create the free book?

You can use a word editor to create your ebook for free or you can use canva to create the ebook.

If you want the ebook to look professional and beautiful you can use canva because they have different elements that you can use while designing your ebook.

Anyways this is totally up to you. It doesn’t matter how you create the ebook, just keep this next tip in mind while creating the book.

The psychology behind creating an eBook to promote an affiliate product

To create an eBook is really simple, but there’s a psychology behind creating the eBook you would use for marketing. If you don’t follow it you might not see results as expected.

Remember I said we are going to be teaching something inside this ebook right? The idea is to teach something that’s related to the product you are trying to promote, so along the line, you would recommend the product using your affiliate link.

So if you just write about anything and create any eBook, people will download it but they won’t take action and buy.

So think of the problem that particular product can solve and teach people how to solve that problem with the product you are trying to solve.

For instance, let’s say you want to promote the video editor. You might create an ebook teaching people how to edit their videos like a pro using the product you are trying to promote. Then you’ll add your affiliate links inside the ebook.

Where would we promote the book?

So you’ve created the eBook and you’ve also added your affiliate links inside the eBook. It’s now time to promote the book and get people to start downloading it.

To do this we would use two websites mainly for this

  1. Quora
  2. Facebook


Quora is a Q&A site with a lot of monthly visitors. It’s a great place to promote the free book. So go to quora and create an account. Then save the ebook you created on google docs and copy the link.

Shorten the link using bitly and add the shortened link to your quora profile.

Don’t worry about creating a landing page because we don’t need one. Our main aim is to get people to download the e-book. I don’t want to use email marketing here so that we can increase the number of downloads.

Now, our work is to start answering questions related to the eBook we created (make sure it’s an awesome answer) and at the end of each answer you’ll tell them about the eBook on your profile like this – “I have a free eBook that’ll help you further, it’s on my profile.”

Let me ask you this if someone answered your question really well and even told you about a free eBook that he has created for you, would you download it?


It’s pretty much the same way, after creating the eBook and shortening your link.

Add it to your profile on Facebook so that whenever people come to your profile they can easily download it.

Go to the search bar for Facebook and join relevant groups related to the product you created. Now watch out for questions they might have and whenever possible try to answer their questions (also make sure that it’s a quality answer) and tell them about the eBook on your profile.

If you do this, I can guarantee that you’ll see lots of downloads and some affiliate sales. And something even better – much more people will view you as an expert and will listen when you speak.


I’ve shown you a really effective way to promote any affiliate product. It’s a really simple strategy, you don’t need to worry about email marketing for now. Just follow the strategy above and go to work.

Now comment below. Do you want me to teach you more awesome strategies like this?

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