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How To Promote Affiliate Products On Quora

how to promote affiliate products on quora

Many people ask how to promote affiliate products on quora. Affiliate marketing is simply selling someone else’s product for a commission.

It is one of the best ways to make money online. Compared to other business models, affiliate marketing is the best online business to start if you are just getting started because it is very profitable


On the other hand, Quora is one of the most visited websites in the world. It’s actually a q&a site. There are many topics discussed on the platform and you can use it for affiliate marketing.

But be warned, never paste your affiliate links directly on quora. That’s a very bad strategy. Your goal will be to drive traffic from quora to your content first before promoting your affiliate products (I’ll show you how to do that in a minute)

How to do affiliate marketing on quora the right way    

A short video explaining the right way to do affiliate marketing

Adding your links directly on quora will not benefit you in the long run because you are just working to build someone else’s business. If you really want to do affiliate marketing you have to see it like it’s a business.

How to turn affiliate marketing into a real business

To turn affiliate marketing into a real business, you must start building your email list. Just thing about any social media platform you know. When you are about to register on their platform, what is the first thing they ask

Of course, your name and email. This information is valuable.

Russell Brunson said if you were to collect everything from him. His cars, business, and every other material thing but gave him his email list that he would get those things back. Why?

Because he knows the power of his email list. Email marketing is really profitable that on average most marketers say that for every $1 they put into email marketing they get about $33 back.

So, if you are not building an email list from day one, you should start immediately. Now, I want to show you the exact steps you need to take to promote affiliate products the right way using quora.

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Steps for affiliate marketing on quora

Step 1: pick your niche

It’s very important that you know the people you’ll be talking to. This could be weird but it will help you when it comes to selling and marketing to them.

When you don’t know who your target audience are, your marketing would be weak and generalized. But by identifying the exact set of people you want to reach, your workload will be reduced a lot.

Also, you must pick your niche so that you can promote related products to the same set of people.

Say your niche is teaching people how to grow on youtube just like matt par does (or just like think media)

You’ll be able to promote relate products to the same set of people. Products you know they need and would buy anyway. They will love it and your affiliate commissions will continue to increase.

Step 2: find affiliate products

The next step is to find relevant affiliate products for the set of people in your niche. So using the example above. Assuming your niche is to teach people how to grow on youtube. You could promote products like

Tubebuddy: which helps youtubers optimize their content for more views on youtube.

Streamyard: that can help youtubers go live on the platform with ease

Morningfame: which is a really good tool for youtubers.

So your job is not just to find affiliate products but to find products that will appeal to your audience.

Step 3: create your squeeze page

Now that step 2 is done, it’s now time to start building your email list. To do that you have to build and squeeze page. This is the page where people will opt into your email list.

I recommend you create your squeeze page on – a software you can use to get started because you don’t even have to enter your credit card before using it. And you can use the account free for life. here’s my review landing page
The best landing page and sales funnel builder

The best part is, you can do a little bit of advanced email marketing on the platform.

To get people to enter their name and email, you have to give them something enticing. This could be an eBook, a checklist or a video training. Whatever you know that would interest people in your chosen niche.

Read this article for a more detailed guide on how to build your email list.

Step 4: write a welcome email sequence

Once you have that page setup and is already bringing in new leads. You have to create a simple email sequence. This could be for the first seven days after they join your email list.

You must do this so that the people on your email list would like and trust you. Also by doing this, you could earn some more commissions.

It’s very important that you learn how to send emails that gets read, because if nobody reads your emails, then no one would buy. And if no one buys, no commissions for you. So here’s how you do that.

How to write emails that get opened and read

I’m going to show you 4 ways to write emails that gets opened and read. Starting from the most important thing when it comes to email marketing.

4a. use catchy subject lines

The most important thing when it comes to email marketing is your email subject line. This is the first thing your subscribers will see when they get your emails.

You have to learn how to write catchy subject lines. Subject lines that intrigue your subscribers enough to get them to click. Here are 6 ways to do just that

  • Use curiosity
  • Write short subject lines
  • Ask questions in your subject line
  • Use an emoji (they are not meant for social media alone)
  • Use numbers as well
  • Personalize your subject line as much as possible

4b. avoid the spam folder and promotions tab as much as you can

Emails that fall into these categories rarely gets read. So make sure your emails are always going to the primary tab.

If you want your emails to get to the primary tabs all the time, then you must learn to test your emails before sending them out. Yes make sure to test emails.  

Luckily for you, every email marketing platform allows this. Before you send or schedule your emails, you have the option of sending a test email.

When you do this, you’ll be able to tweak your emails so they fall under the primary tab.

How to test your emails

There are two ways to test your emails before sending them out. The first is to send the email to yourself. And check if it falls under the promotion tab then tweak it until it’s get to the primary tab.

The second way is to go to and get a free email there to test. Once you send the email, you’ll be given detailed analysis of the email and some tips to improve.

Step 5: answer specific questions on quora

You are set. It’s now time to start answering specific questions on quora but make sure that these question are related to the freebie you are giving out to people.

Even if they are slightly related, you can answer those questions and link back to your squeeze page.

Why quora strategy works

Quora gets traffic every single day. Each question on the platform gets a lot of views every month so answering a question on quora once can get you consistent views on a regular basis.

The more questions you answer the more views and clicks you’ll get in the long run. Read the next section to learn how to get more exposure on quora.

How to get more exposure on quora

If you want to get more exposure on quora follow these 6 tips.

#1. Answer more questions (new ones)

The questions you answer the better. This way you’ll get more people reading your answers and more people clicking on your links. Try answering new question because you’ll get faster results this way.

#2. Create your own quora space

 Quora allows you to create your own spaces. This space will be about any topic of your choice. When you have your own space you can control what happens in that space. A space on quora could end up getting more users and more engagements which will help you get fast traffic to your content (or squeeze page)

#3. Join other quora spaces

By joining other established spaces on quora you can fast track your chances of getting more exposure on the platform.

Since the space will be engaged, your comments or answers will quickly get views and clicks. Try adding value to the space before you add your links. Adding your links earlier on could lead to getting banned from the groups.

#4. Create an answer template

When you create an answer template, you’ll be able to answer questions faster which would lead to more exposure on the platform.

#5. Add links to your content (not just your landing pages)

When writing on quora don’t just link to your squeeze page, you can also link to your blog post and you can embed your YouTube videos as well.

#6. Try running quora ads

This is a paid method but it can lead to fast results from quora. When you run quora ads you can target specific keywords on the platform and this can be very profitable too.

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat steps 2 to 5

You’ve gone through the 5 steps. It’s time to find more affiliate products to promote and grow your email list even further. But remember, you have to stick to a single niche. Don’t promote weight lose products to people interested in YouTube just because their affiliate commissions are high.


There you have it. The best strategy is not to paste your affiliate links directly on quora but to use quora to drive traffic to your content or your squeeze pages.

This is a business so treat it like one. Don’t just paste your affiliate links and run. You have to be strategic and do things like a business owner. You must build your own audience first before sending them to your affiliate links. This way, you’ll earn more affiliate commissions in the long run. Hope you got value from this article, tell me what you have been doing wrong as an affiliate marketer and what you plan to do now.

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