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How to Promote Affiliate Products For Free With Email Marketing

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Are you struggling to promote affiliate products? Sometimes getting traffic to your affiliate links can be difficult, especially when you are using free traffic. So in this article, I want to share a really awesome way to promote affiliate products with email marketing. This method is really wonderful because you will be building a real business by using it.

It will not only help you get more commissions as an affiliate marketer, but it will also enable you to build an email list that you can leverage to grow your online business.

Let’s dive in

What are we going to do?

I want you to understand exactly what we are going to do so that you can just follow up with me.

We are going to build our email list so that we can promote multiple products while building our own business.

This is the mistake that most affiliate marketers make, they only promote other people’s businesses for a very small commission- don’t do that.

Here’s a breakdown of what we would do

  • Pick an affiliate product to promote
  • Build our own email list
  • Promote the affiliate product
  • Enjoy your earnings

The best way to do affiliate marketing is to first grow your own email list, then promote good products to your audience. That’s what I’m going to show in this article.

Why email marketing is so important?

Email marketing is important because it gives the highest ROI compared to other forms of marketing online.

“If you’re not building a list, you’re not building a business”

“The money is in the list”

If you’ve heard sayings like this before then I’m going to assume you already know the importance of building an email list.

But let’s say you haven’t, email marketing is really really really important – yes I said “really” 3x. That’s why almost every online business owner in the world is doing it.

Here is the summary of the benefits

  • You have a list of people that are happy to hear what you have to say
  • Whenever you create a product (or you are promoting one) there are people who you can promote to.
  • The returns from email marketing are really high. Usually more than $30 dollars per subscriber – if you nurture your list, and keep it clean

Which platform are we going to use?

There are many email marketing platforms out there. So in this article, I want to narrow it down to the best two that I’ve found so far.  Getresponse or

Read about Getresponse free plan here

You can use any one of these platforms for free because they have a free plan – that’s why I chose them

For this tutorial, I’m going to pick, so pick one and follow me.

Grab your affiliate link

Once you’ve picked the email marketing platform you will like to go with, the next step is to get the affiliate products you would like to promote.

I’m going to assume you already have a product you will like to promote. If so grab your affiliate links and move to the next step.

Shorten the link

Now that you’ve gotten the affiliate links you would be promoting, it’s time to shorten this link. Shortening affiliate links is really important because it will help you with tracking.

There are different link shortening tools that you can choose from – free and paid. For now just go with the free one.

The best so far is bitly

Go to Bitly and shorten your affiliate link for free.

Create a Bait

Why did I use the word bait?

“Just think about fishing for a minute, to catch a fish, we use worms as “bait” to get the fish hooked right?”

It’s the same with email marketing, to get people to give you their emails, you have to also create a “bait” (in a way).

You can use almost anything as bait to get emails.

Choose from the list below

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Checklists
  • Software/applications
  • etc

Just pick one that is simple to make like an ebook or checklist. I think a checklist is the easiest. To create the checklist you can use MS Word or Canva – it’s free and easy.

Once you finish creating your checklist, create the cover on Canva. Make sure it’s an enticing eBook cover.

Create your first email

Inside, go to the email section and create your very first email. This should be the email where you’ll introduce yourself to your audience and give people their free checklist.

Start email campaign

To create your email campaign, go to campaign inside of and click on “create new campaign”

The reason why we are creating a campaign is to nurture our email list while promoting affiliate products.

This is how professional affiliate marketers promote products.

So you want to make sure you have like 7 emails scheduled to go out – each email every two days.

Create a landing page with

Once you’ve created the welcome email and the automated campaigns, it’s now time to create your landing page and merge everything together.

We want to create a simple landing page.

The work of this landing page is to get emails. Add the image of your checklist to your landing page and a simple opt-in form.

People won’t just give you their emails, so make sure you tell them why they should give it to you by stating what they’ll get when they signup (the checklist)

Redirect to affiliate links from the thank you page

After creating the landing page you can redirect them immediately to the affiliate product or tell them inside the welcome email.

So there are two ways to do it.

If the checklist you created is similar to the affiliate product you are trying to promote – redirect them immediately to the affiliate product’s landing page.

If they are not similar – tell them about the product inside the email.

How to get traffic to your landing page

This is the final stage of the entire process. We have chosen a product to promote and we have also created our landing page to grow our email list.

It’s now time to get traffic to the landing page. There are two ways of doing this. The free traffic method and the paid traffic methods.

I’m going to show you how to get traffic for free to the landing page.

In a nutshell, to get traffic, we have to go to where the conversation is already happening. Where is this? Simple answer – Social platforms!

Get free traffic from Facebook

Except you have been hiding in the forest for 30 years, you already know this social media platform – and probably you have an account already.

So this is the first place where we would try to get traffic from but I’m not here to tell you about any bad traffic generating strategies. No! I hate spam too

To get quality traffic from Facebook, you have to establish yourself as an authority – not a spammer.

How many times have you seen a comment on a Facebook group that was totally unrelated to what the post was actually talking about?

Did you like it? People who use this technique to get traffic are called spammers

Again, how many times have you found a post on any Facebook group to be really awesome that you were forced to check the author’s profile?

This is what I’m talking about. If you would use Facebook to get traffic, do it the right way.

So, join related Facebook groups, and give out value to the members. The admin of the group will love and cherish you as a valuable member. So will the group members.

You are probably asking “How will the members see our landing page?”

It’s simple! Paste the link of your landing page on your Facebook profile, once people begin to notice you inside the Facebook group, they will start checking your profile and when they see a free checklist….

…guess what’s going to happen, they’ll download it and by downloading it, you get their email.

Facebook is a goldmine for getting free traffic, but that is only if you play your cards right, so stop using the wrong methods.

Get free traffic from Quora

The second place to get traffic to your landing page is by using quora. This is an awesome platform to use if you want to get free traffic to your landing page.

How? Simply start answering questions on Quora and link to your free checklist. Usually, quora don’t allow you to paste affiliate links, but you can freely paste the link of your landing page.

Remember to always answer questions well, as this will build your authority on the platform.


This is a free way to start an online business as an affiliate marketer. You can start promoting products with email marketing for free using either Getresponse or

Now don’t just read about this technique and do nothing, make a plan, pick a product to promote and follow this step by step guide to successfully promote the product.

This is just one out of the many different ways to do affiliate marketing, if you’ll like to get more awesome strategies like this for free signup to my email list today.

Which traffic source do you think is easier to get traffic from – Facebook or Quora and why?

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