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How to Start a Business that makes you money while you sleep

make money while you sleep
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how to make money while you sleep

How to start a Business that makes you money while you sleep

Would you like to make money? Obviously YES

But a better question is “would you like to make money while you sleep? Err

Now you are wondering

what does he mean by that?

How can someone make money while they sleep?

Don’t worry in this awesome article I will reveal everything you need to know, so that you can make money while you sleep

Its simple

Let’s get started

Create an asset

In order to make money while you sleep you need a system that runs automatically on its own

Something that does not require your presence before you can make money,

all you have to do is create it once and earn money continuously, don’t get confused, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

I’m not about to show you a magic trick that will make you money automatically rather

what I am about to show you are proven business models

All you have to do is read apply and watch your earnings roll in every month

What is an asset

If you have read rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki, then you know that “an asset is anything that puts money in your pocket, while a liability is anything that takes money from your pocket.

It’s as simple as that

There are basically two ways to create a business that pays you money while you sleep

Let’s find out


1)Start an online business

An online business helps you make money without even having to see your customers

You just have to set up the system, and that’s it

You heard a lot of people talking about ” online businesses” but maybe you feel its hard to start or you just don’t trust it

Don’t worry in this article I’ll show you how to start three different online businesses, before that let’s see also the second type of asset you could create.


2)Start an offline business

There are different types of offline businesses that you can do

but remember we are concentrating more on creating an asset, which can run automatically on its own.

So I’ll also show you three examples of offline assets, pay close attention


How to create an offline asset

Let’s start with creating an offline asset, keep in mind that we want to start a business that makes money while you sleep

so when I say offline asset I simply mean, a business that can run automatically without needing you 24/7

The first way (really awesome)


Real estate

make money while you sleep

This is where you buy or build houses or offices for the sole purpose of renting it out or selling it at a higher price.

Real estate is a good way to start a business that pays you while you sleep

all you need to do is step up the system and automate it

Imagine that you had 10 houses each generating $100 (N50,000) every year, that will be $1000 (N500,000) net profit every year.

Now this is just the bare minimum

Again, you just set it up and continue to earn

But how can you accomplish this


Types of real estate investing



make money while you sleep

Have you seen a popular school before?

Have you ever thought of the money the owner of that school is making every single month?

For you to know that this is very profitable, think of the amount they charge for school fees in most private schools

Not to talk of the additional charges on books, PTA etc

Do you know that you don’t really have to be there in the school to make money?

Again you just have to set it up and automate it

It has become very easy to start a school now, especially in Nigeria

There are processes you need to follow in order to start your own school but you can start once you set your heart to it.

There’s another awesome money machine (keep reading)



People are making it big by building houses and renting out

Think about it for a minute, maybe you are living in a rented apartment

Count all the houses in your compound or estate and multiply it by the amount you pay every year as house rent

That’s the amount the owner is making every month

Maybe you are not in a rented apartment let me give you a beautiful example from my own experience

When I was living in a rented apartment, we were paying N50,000 for a one-room apartment

And there were 16 rooms in the compound

If you do the maths it should give you N800,000 (this was the amount the owner was making every year)

Just imagine if he had more

Personally, this is my favourite, because you get to work with different people and know more people.



Another good asset to have is a land

Did you know that the cost of buying lands almost increases every year

What if you could buy land in different areas and resell them after son time, this is what most people are doing



image illustrating how to make money while you sleep with agriculture

Do you love dogs? Well I do too

So does millions of other people out there

Well if you are a cat lover, that’s totally fine

The point is you could start livestock farming and make it big time in any country

Things like poultry farming, rearing and selling of dogs, pigs, cats, fish

Hope you get the idea, set it up and automate the process


Helpful Tips

Tip 1: start small

As with anything in life, it is important not to rush, think big but take things gradually

you can start your real estate journey with just one apartment and as time goes by, you continue adding to it.


Tip 2: always learn

If you want to succeed in any business it is very important that you learn as much as you can

you can do this by attending seminars, workshops(both free and paid ones), buying courses

You are not limited to a particular method of learning

Some people learn well by reading books, while others might do well with videos, its up to you

A good place to start learning about real estate investing is from the richdad company

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How to create a business  makes money for you while you sleep part 2

How to create an online asset

Now enough with offline, let’s get to the online part of things

Did you know that you could make passive income online?

Did you know that there are a lot of people out there cashing out big time from different oline businesses

And the best part it, it can also be automated, you just have to create the system and automate it.

So what are the various ways to create an online asset and how do you automate your online business



Do you love watching those funny videos, tutorials and movies on YouTube? Yes? Well you are not alone, I do too

But have you ever asked yourself why these people continue to create content on YouTube every single day?

Why don’t they stop? What motivates them?

Well the answer is obvious and simple

You can make a lot of money from YouTube and you can make a lot of passive income from youtube.

And the best part is you don’t even need to show your face to make money from YouTube

But how can you get started with YouTube and make money

It’s simple

Create a YouTube channel, start making videos and once you get up to 4000 hours of watch time in one year and 1000 subscribers

you can apply to their partner program and start making money

The main reason why YouTube can be a great source of passive income is because once your create a video it can continue to make you money for a long period of time

As long as it keeps getting views.



Do you love reading?

What about writing?

Well if you can write, a blog can also be a good source of passive income


Simply create a  blog on bluehost very cheaply, start publishing quality content like I do here on my blog then monetize the blog

There are many ways by which you can monetize your blog, I’m going to talk about two of the best ways

Blog monetization method 1

Affiliate marketing

You can use affiliate marketing to monetize your blog

This is where you write quality articles and recommend good products to your reader using your affiliate link

If your readers buy using your link, you will get a commission

One way to create a passive income with affiliate marketing is to promote products that have recurring commissions

In this case, you promote once and you can continue earning for as long as they remain a customer to the company you promoted to them.

This article will show you the easiest way to promote affiliate products

Blog monetization method 2


You can run ads in your blog (when you have enough traffic) and make a lot of money

There are different ad networks that you can join to do this

Examples are google ads, Criteo etc

The idea here is very simple

Basically the more traffic you have to your blog the more money you

There are a lot of people making a huge amount of money from google ads alone, even in Nigeria

A good example is Linda ikejis blog

If you check the website you will see that she is running ads on it (and making her cool cash)

Just like on YouTube you can continue to earn money for a long time from just one post on your blog

Again that’s if you continue to get more traffic to it.


Email list

This is a very popular way to make passive income online

This method relies heavily on how well you can build and keep a relationship

Basically, you work hard to make people give you their name and email so that you can build a relationship with them

and then promote a product and make money.

Think about this beautiful scenario

You have 1000 people on your email list and you have an average one rate of 60%

What that means is that every time you send an email about 600 people reads it

Imagine if you were promoting a product where you could make $100 for every customer you refer

Let’s use the minimum numbers here

Let’s say you promoted this product to your email list

600 people read it and only 1% buys

That’s 6×$100=$600 from just one email

Now again

Imagine that the product you promoted has a recurring commission of 20%

This means that as long as the customer uses the product you will still earn 20%

That means that the next month you stand to earn (20/100)×$100×6=0.2×$100×6=$180

Pure profit

Well this is no surprise because we already know that for every $1 spent on email marketing you can make back $44



Have you heard of dropshipping?

If not

It’s simply the process of selling another person product for a commission

It’s almost like affiliate marketing, but in this case, you will handle all the marketing and sell the product like its your own.

That’s of course, after adding your own commission to it

Again you can start small by reaching out to small mini importers

Now you might ask me “how do I contact a mini importer”

The best way to do this is to meet them where they are hanging out

Check out Facebook which is where most of them will be hanging out and study the group to look for someone who looks legit

Make sure you do your due diligence here so that you won’t be scammed

Everything else will become easier especially when you find someone trustworthy.

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A little word of advice

Always remember that anything and everything legit in this world takes time, even the gurus who claim to be super earners started somewhere

Don’t expect to make millions in the next week or month

Work smart but work hard too

If you choose to start with either an online or offline business, that’s totally up to you

Always make sure to you work towards it as a business and you will definitely see results


 Would you like to create an offline business that makes you money while you sleep?

It’s very good to learn from people who are already doing what you would like to do.

So I went further to add some people that will help you get started the right way


Robert Kiyosaki

He is a well-established entrepreneur, founder and author, you can learn how to start your real estate journey from him


Would you like to start an online business that makes you money while you sleep?

If you would like to start with an online business we have lots of recommendations too


If you want to learn anything about digital marketing, make money online, affiliate marketing, then you should definitely check him out

Highly recommended if you want to learn how to start a business that makes money while you sleep

Here is his website

And he also has a free tool that will help you out with digital  marketing, seo, finding good keywords and much more

It’s called h-supertools check it out too


Peng Joon

If creating an online business is what interests you, and you want to create an online empire that works like a money machine

He is an author, speaker and the founder of smooble

Peng Joon will teach you how to start running paid events online, he has a system that has been proven to work over and over again.

I highly recommend you learn from him

Here is his website


Dan Lok

If positioning yourself as an expert in anything is what you would like to learn then he is the go-to person for that

He is a founder, speaker and author of some Powerful books

This is his website


Russell Brunson

I love him so much, he will teach you how to make a powerful marketing funnel that will make selling your products or courses on autopilot

He is also an author, speaker and the co-founder and former CEO of click funnels (you might have heard of click funnels)

He is very good at what he does

Here’s is his website


 Join our free digital marketing forum

Finally, you can join our free forum to learn and share ideas with other people, you can ask questions related to digital marketing, online businesses and many other things.

We recently created it so make sure to tell your friends about it

Click here if you want to create your own account today




There you have it, I have shown you how to start a business that will make you money while you sleep, both offline and online.

It’s now up to you to decide, which one will you like to start with.

As a good practice start with one, make money and continue to increase your monthly revenue by adding other sources of income


Do you know other legit ways to make money online, please add let us know in the comment section. Share this article if it was helpful.

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