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Invideo Affiliate Program Review ► Everyone Needs It

invideo affiliate program review

This is the invideo affiliate program review. I have tested invideo and it seems like one of the best video creation tools online.  With this tool, anyone can turn content into video. For now, invideo has more than 30,000 paid customers from more than 130 countries. So when we mention their affiliate program, you should know that there is a very good opportunity to make some reasonable amount from it.

How to join the invideo affiliate program?

Invideo partnered with impact to create their affiliate program. So, if you want to join their affiliate program, you have to sign up to become an affiliate on impact. To sign up just go to this page, fill in your details and you are good to go. Once you get approved, you can start promoting. This brings me to the next point.

How to promote invideo and make money?

They are different ways to promote an affiliate product. You can promote by creating a youtube video tutorial where you talk about invideo and how good it is. Or you can create a blog post about invideo, highlighting it’s wonderful features.

If you have an email list, that would also be great because you can promote it to your email list. Finally, you can talk about it on your social media page and tell people about it.

In a nutshell, here are the ways to promote invideo:

  • Youtube video tutorial
  • Blog post review
  • How-to article on your blog
  • Banner and link ads as well as
  • PPC advertising

How much money can an affiliate marketer make promoting invideo?

When you promote invideo, you will get 50% of the commission per sale. So the more people you refer to invideo, the more money for you. The good news is that you can promote invideo using PPC advertising. Just remember that it involves paying for traffic, but you can also use free traffic. They pay their affiliates using PayPal every 30 days.

What are the features of the invideo affiliate program?

  • With invideo you can earn up to $40 per sale. Imagine making 10 sales, that’s $400. Compared to other affiliate programs. Their commission is high.
  • They have a generous cookie duration of 120 days. Why did I say generous? This is because, if someone clicks on your affiliate link to day and decides to buy after two months, you will still get the commission.
  • You can give out discount coupons to people and this is given by invideo themselves.
  • Their team is really very supportive, so you can never go wrong with them by your side.
  • I mentioned this briefly before. You can run PPC campaigns by bidding on their branded keywords. Most affiliate programs don’t allow affiliate marketers to bid on their branded keywords, but they do.
  • They have very clean banner and text links. Which are also very enticing.


There you go, the invideo affiliate program review. Invideo affiliate program is really lucrative, just as you have read yourself. You can earn a decent amount of money by promoting it to your audience. If you are an affiliate marketer, kindly share some tips to help others get started. Hope this article helped you.

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