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How to Make Money On Medium in 2021: The Complete Guide

how to make money on medium
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In this article I will do my best to equip you with all you need in order to make money on medium

Would you like to make money on medium while getting more followers and building a brand?

If you’ve been wondering how to make money on medium but don’t know how to start

You are not alone

Most people have been asking this question online, they want to know how to make money on medium.

They want to know if they can make a lot of money by writing on medium, they also want to learn about the requirements for getting started.

Don’t worry in this article I will share with you step by step 3 easy and simple ways to start making money from medium while doing what you love while making new friends, and while inspiring other people.

Let’s get started

Create your medium account

So if you haven’t done that already, make sure you go to their website and create your account, it is free to create an account on medium.

Although they have a membership plan that costs only $5/month they also have a free plan too

You can do all the basics on the free plan, the only limitation is that you can only read 3 posts per day.

Anyway after creating your account on medium, it’s now time to start thinking about how you can make money with it.


Make money on Medium with the partner program

There are basically two ways to make money on a medium’s partner program

  1. Make money on medium when people read your posts/stories
  2. You can make money on medium when a reader who you referred to medium upgrades to the premium plan.

image illustrating how to make money on medium

Don’t worry I will go into detail about the two shortly in this post

What is the requirement for joining medium’s partner program?

There are just two requirements for joining mediums partner program. All that is required of you is to create your first post and secondly, for you to get your first 100 followers.

Write your first post

All that is required of you in this stage is to just craft one story up and post it on the platform, this tells them that you are here to share stories or ideas and it fulfils their first requirement. If you want the post to rank higher on google follow this guide

According to medium, the engagements you get here doesn’t really matter, all that counts is the fact that you wrote your first post.

Get your first 100 followers

Think about it this way, when people follow you it means that they will like to get updates about your future posts, it also means that they like your story and would like to read more.

This way medium will know that your stories are interesting and will be able to make them and you more money in the future.

On the other hand, if no one follows you it might be an indication that your stories are not interesting enough

And medium would not approve your application to join their partner program

So this leads us to a question, “how can you get your first 100 followers” so that you will be able to make money on medium


How to get your first 100 medium followers

If you would like to get your first 100 followers on medium, make sure you follow these guidelines when writing your stories

Make your stories interesting

Guess what, no one loves boring stuff, so to get people to follow you on medium, you have to make sure that your stories are interesting

Now you don’t have to be a genius to make your stories interesting, just make sure that it has a little bit of fun in it and it’s good to go

Another good way to create awesome content is to create content that will amaze people

Always stick with the infotainment model

This is a made-up word combining information and entertainment together

Whenever you are writing your article, try to make sure that you have this model at the back of your mind.

Ask people to follow you

Don’t just assume that everyone on medium will automatically want to follow you, some people are just there to read and have fun

So it’s always a good practice to ask your readers to follow you if they like your stories

Hopefully, after implementing these few tips you have now gotten your first 100 followers, it’s now time to apply to the partner program

To do that just visit their partner program page and follow the easy step by step process for applying.

Apply to the partner program

To apply to the medium, make sure that you have completed the two requirements stated above,

Hoping you have done that all you just have to do is click on the part that says partner program and you will be taken to a page that looks like this

Click on apply

And follow the prompts

It’s really easy, after applying, you will have to wait for their approval

Once approved, you can now start earning money on medium

Important note

After you have gotten approval for their partner program, will money just start rolling in?

The truth is, in order for you to start seeing really good results on medium you have to commit to it.

What I mean is really simple

Be consistent

You won’t make much money from each individual story that you write, rather the real money will be as a result of the combination of all the stories you have written.

So for you to really profit doing this, you have to create posts consistently, keeping in mind that the more stories you write the more money you can make

Also, always remember the second way of earning, which is when you refer a paying member to medium.

Tell your audience to create a medium account

To maximize your earnings try to advise your readers to create a medium account at the end of all your stories because some of your readers will not have an account on medium because medium posts also rank on Google

This means that some people reading your story might be coming straight from Google search and might not know anything about medium.

This is a good chance for you to make a referral and hopefully, if they later become a premium member on medium, you get paid for referring them.

Make money on medium with Affiliate programs

Now making money from mediums partner program is not the only way to make money on medium, rather that is just one of the ways

The second most effective way to make money on medium is to use affiliate marketing

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply when you sell someone else’s product for a commission.

For you to better understand this let’s use an illustration

Let’s imagine I was selling my free Facebook traffic generation eBook for $10, you would be doing affiliate marketing if you helped me sell the eBook for a commission, that way if you made a sale I would give you a commission of $1 or $5 for promoting the book for me.

Hope you got the point

So to make money on medium using affiliate marketing, you have you join relevant affiliate networks, depending on your niche, and then promote the affiliate products inside your stories to your readers.

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something you will earn a commission

How to find affiliate programs to join

First what I want you to know is that most big companies participate in affiliate marketing and starting your own affiliate marketing business on medium will be a very good decision

So if there is a company you love online and would like to join their affiliate program

just see it this way “there are millions of affiliate products to promote in the forest of the web” and your job is to find the good ones

Just go to Google and search for (company name + affiliate program) E.g. Bluehost affiliate program

Also, there are affiliate marketplaces like impact, cj, clickbank, jvzoo, warriorplus etc. where you can find thousands of different products in different niches to promote.

What are some of the best affiliate programs to join?

Here is a list of some of the best affiliate programs to join

  1. Getresponse

Getresponse pays you $100(one-time payment) for every sale you make or $33 (recurring payment for as long as the person you referred continues to be a customer) for each sale

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost also pays you $100 for each sale, so I think it’s a really good deal for affiliate marketers.

The reason why I choose these two is that their commission is really high and secondly, many people want to create a website and many more people want to start doing email marketing

And lastly, Bluehost and Getresponse are the best in the market and a lot of entrepreneurs recommend them.

So you can make money on medium by promoting good products to your readers

Tips for promoting affiliate products on medium

Don’t do it for the sale

Whenever you are writing on medium, make sure that your main aim is to help someone

This is because if you help someone solve their problem they will be more likely to trust you and buy from you than if you tried to make the sale at all costs

Write how-to guides

No matter your niche there will be people struggling to do something using one of the products you promote

When you write a how-to guide where you teach people how to use that product, they will be more likely to buy using your link and you will be able to make money on medium.


Reviews are one of the best ways to promote affiliate products, but this also comes with a warning.

Never review a product you haven’t used personally, there are a lot of reasons why you want to always follow this rule.

It will help you a lot, especially if you want to build a brand and be respected for what you do online.

Benefits of writing on medium

Aside from the fact that you can make money on medium using their partner program and affiliate marketing, there are still other benefits of writing on medium. Here are some

You are building a brand

By creating all those posts/stories on medium, what you might not realize is that you are building a brand for yourself and this can help you in a lot of ways online.

Having your own voice online is a very good thing that has brought and still continues to bring success to everyone who has tried.

You can leverage your following

This is one of the reasons why having a say online is really important.

When you start getting followers on medium, one really awesome thing is that you can leverage your followers to get more blog views or more subscribers on YouTube.

Making new friends and connections

Most people who will read your stories will likely want to become your friends and a good number of those people might be your potential buyers in the future. Who knows….?

You can promote your blog

If your blog is monetized with Google AdSense then you will know that the more traffic you can get to your blog the more money you stand to make.

Also if you have affiliate links on your website, you stand a chance of making more affiliate commissions when more people visit your site.

Get more sales for your products

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still promote your products on medium and get more sales as more people read your blog posts.

Get more orders for your services

Remember when I said your potential customers might be reading your blog posts?

Well when your posts or stories on medium starts getting more and more views, you can use start promoting your services inside of your posts.

Maybe you are a freelancer in Fiverr, this might be a great way for you to get more orders

Becoming an authority online

The more followers you gain online on medium, the more your authority increases and now you can easily influence your followers

And become an authority voice online whereby you will speak and thousands of people will listen to you

You can start building your email list

By writing on medium you can start building your email list for free without paid ads, although this is not allowed when publishing your stories to a publication.

It’s a great way to start building a real online business, whereby you own the list and you can continue offering value to your list even after leaving medium.


How much can I make on medium

The amount of money you can make on medium depends on the amount of effort you put into it, if you take it seriously you can make a lot of money from it, since there are other people making money from it, you can too.

What if medium partner program is not available in my region can I still make money?

The simple answer is YES, you can still make money on medium, even if their partner program is not available in your region. You can do this with affiliate marketing.

Do you need a membership to join medium partner program

The answer is NO, you don’t need a membership to join medium partner program, all you have to do is to follow the requirements listed above and that’s it, you will be approved for their partner program.

Can non-members on medium read your stories that are published in the partner program?

The answer is YES, remember I told you earlier that your posts can rank?

Yeah, so when non-member comes to medium, they can only read a limited number of posts, after which they will have to pay $5 for the monthly membership.

When people read your posts and pay for medium monthly membership within 30 days, you will still earn a commission.


So there you have it friends, the step by step guide on how to make money on medium, so to summarize everything, in order to make money on medium you have to:

  • Create a medium account
  • Create your first post
  • Get at least 100 followers on medium
  • Be consistent
  • Apply to the medium partner program
  • Make people read your posts for long
  • Refer your readers to create a medium account
  • Use affiliate marketing
  • Enjoy your earnings

Hey friend, don’t just read, apply what you learnt, making money online isn’t easy, so don’t compare yourself with already established people, remember to get started as quickly as possible, it might not be easy but it is achievable if there are people doing it, then, you can too

I always love it when I get feedback from my readers

Drop a comment if you found this article helpful


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