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How To Link NIN To MTN After Being Blocked

how to link nin to mtn line after being blocked

My guess is that your MTN SIM has been blocked. Don’t freak out because a lot of people have this same problem and I have been able to help many people get their SIM back to normal.

Luckily for you, I’m not charging anything to reveal this simple solution. So let me show you how to link your NIN to your MTN SIM after being blocked.

You’ll be done after 4 simple steps.

How I Unblocked My Mum’s MTN SIM

So last week, my mum’s MTN SIM got blocked and she was freaking out. She could not call anyone. She could only receive calls.

As the sharp guy that I am, I quickly called MTN and discovered this simple strategy I’m going to share with you here. You don’t even need to go to their office to pull this off. That’s how easy it is.


  • NIN: You’ll need to have your nin available because you’ll be submitting it on their website
  • Data connection: Data connection to access their website. Since you are reading this, I’m sure this is not a problem

That’s basically everything you’ll be needing, now to the main steps

4 Steps to Link Your NIN SIM When It’s Already Blocked

Step 1 – Go to MTN’s Website

You won’t be going to their main website (, NO), rather you’ll go to their sub-domain site. This is the link. The site looks like this

link nin to mtn sim after being banned
This is where you should go if you want to link your nin after it has been banned

Step 2 – Choose The Option Suitable For You

You would be provided with three easy options

link nin to mtn sim
Your options on that page
  1. If you have NIN and a registered SIM, choose the first option
  2. if you don’t have NIN, go with the second option
  3. Lastly, if your SIM is not registered but you have NIN. Click on the third option.

Based on the topic of this article, I’m going to assume you have NIN and a registered SIM. In this case, you are going with option one

Step 2 – Fill In The Details And Submit

If you chose option one, you’ll be taken to this page.

Fill this form

Basically, your task now is to just complete the form and submit it.

You’d be required to select the type. In this case, choose NIN then enter the phone number you want to link your NIN to.

Enter your email address, though this is not required, I advise that you enter a valid email address there because when I did this same thing for my mum. She did not receive any message on her line. But the email verification code came.

Lastly, enter your email address and submit

Step 3 – Enter The Verification Code

This is the last step. They will send you a verification code to confirm that you have access to the number. Once that is done. You’ll be taken to a page confirmation page. You have successfully linked your NIN to your MTN SIM.

But remember, you only submitted the form. They will still have to unblock your SIM. I don’t know if this is done manually or whether they do it automatically. But you’ll still need to go through the last step.

Step 4 – Wait        

After I linked my mum’s NIN to her MTN line. We had to wait for about 4 days before the line was back to normal. On the fourth day, she was able to use the line to start making phone calls.

How Long Does It Take To Unblock Your MTN SIM After Linking Your NIN?

In our own case, it was less than 4 days, the sim got reactivated and it was now able to make calls. So I guess, the answer is less than a week.

Why are MTN SIMs getting blocked?

Well, everyone is required to link their nin to their sim card so that they can easily identify the owner of a sim card. This means you have to be extra careful with your sim. Don’t borrow your sim to people you don’t know. You could easily be implicated and caught.


I really hope this article will help you to quickly unblock your Mtn sim now that it is blocked. Hope you got value from it. Drop a comment below if you did. Also, if you get unblock your sim card through this guide, don’t forget to come back and say thank you. I’ll be waiting.  Namaste

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