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How to insert an image in blogger

How to insert an image in blogger

Have you ever wondered whether you can add an image on your blogger blog? You’ve written a very long article on your blogger blog and you’d like to add an image to break up the long block of text. Look no further because in this article, I’d show you how to insert image in blogger.

There are two different ways to insert images on blogger. You can upload an image to your blogger blog or if you don’t have enough hosting space, you can embed the image on your blog.

Large sites like Instagram and giphy allow you embed their images on your own site. Let me show you how simple it is to do this.

This is the simple method, all you have to do here is to locate where the image on your device and upload it to your blogger blog. Here are the steps.

#1: choose the post for the embed

#2: locate the image icon

You’ll find it at the top of the editing menu besides the video icon.

click on the insert image icon on blogger

#3: click on upload from computer

Once you click on upload from a computer, you’d be prompted to select the image for upload. Search for the exact image you’d like to upload and click on it. It would be uploaded instantly to your blog.

If you want to embed an image from a site like Here are the steps you need to take.

Go to giphy to find an image to embed

Giphy is a website with thousands of gifs, if you need a funny or sad gif. Check out giphy. Adding images to your blogger blog follows the same process of adding a gif. So here are the steps.

choose the image or gif you'd like to embed

One thing about giphy embed codes is that you can select whether you want the code to be responsive or not. If you choose responsive, it will look good on both mobile and desktop. But the iframe can sometimes look awkward on mobile. So make sure you choose responsive.

copy the embed code from giphy

Now go back to your blog on blogger and select the post where you’d like to embed this gif. Change from compose view to html view and paste the embed code. Then change back to compose view to preview the code. That’s exactly how to insert an image in blogger. Read this article to see the exact steps needed to embed an Instagram post on your blogger blog

As you’ve seen above, it’s really simple to insert on image on your blogger blog. You just need to know where the image you want to embed is located. Find it and upload or embed it on your blog. If you found this guide helpful, let me know in the comments section below.

Here’s the output of this process on my blog

via GIPHY It’s Cool Right? I Know

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