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How to Get Started with YouTube and make Money from it (Full Guide)

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How to get started with youtube
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How to get started with youtube

This post is special, you will learn how to get started with youtube and make money from it, read it carefully

Did you know that with 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time you could make money from YouTube? Maybe you have heard that a lot or maybe this is the first time you will hear it, it doesn’t matter.

Well, the truth is, if you wanted to start YouTube you will be faced with a lot of challenges, that’s why I created this article so that you will know how to get started with youtube. I will share with you my own challenges, my own struggles and some of the successes I have had since I decided to start making YouTube videos.

Be warned because some of the things covered in this article might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry because it will be worth it and hopefully you too will be on your way to starting your own YouTube channel and making money from it.

Before we go deeper into this article, I want to quickly make something clear. I am just like you, I haven’t made any money from YouTube, but I have a plan that is sure to work.

Now you are probably saying one of these things

-who are you to teach me about YouTube?

-why should I listen to you?

-you haven’t made any money from YouTube, how am I sure you can teach me how to make money it.

Well, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Gideon kolawole, and I hail from Nigeria, about a year ago I decided to create my very first YouTube channel and guess what, it failed woefully, I got like 20 views and only ten subscribers and I gave up on it.

After six months, I mustered up courage again and created my second YouTube channel, and I deleted the first one, well as at the time of writing this I now have 270 awesome people who think that I have something important to say and are subscribed to my YouTube channel.

Anyways I will delete that YouTube channel today and start a new one the right way using the strategy I am about to share with you and you can check to see how far I have gone. Once I create the new YouTube channel I will put the link here.

I know that I have not gotten up to 1000 subscribers but I have developed a strategy that is proven to work, I do not know how long it will take me to get my first 1000 subscribers but I know that if I start the channel using this strategy, it will not take more than 6 months before I get up to 1000 subscribers.

Also throughout my journey on YouTube, I have been using only my mobile phone so you can be sure that anyone reading this guide can start this thing and make it work without having any expensive gear.

So this will not be one of those articles where I will show you thousands of subscribers as mine, rather this is just a journey that I want to invite you to join.

The reason why I want you to join is that I want you to have success too when I do, when I get 10 subscribers I want you to also have 10 subscribers, when I get up to 100 subscribers, I want you too to have 100 subscribers, finally, when I hit 1000 subscribers I also want you to have 1000 subscribers so that when I get my first paycheck from YouTube you too will get yours and we can go out together and make a toast to greater achievements.

You might be smiling while reading this, saying to yourself, it seems Gideon is having a fantasy, this is no fantasy and it is based on real metrics, real strategies and real techniques, and I urge you to take this very seriously, read it and understand, then follow me step by step and implement everything I tell you to do.

If you would like to learn from someone that has already done it, that’s totally fine by me, but if you would rather learn from someone who is in your shoes, then, continue reading.


Before I go into the step by step process of making money from YouTube, let me quickly give you the main idea. You see, YouTube is owned by Google and Google is the biggest search engine in the entire world, now YouTube is the second biggest search engine for video content in the world.

Do you know what that means? Well, it simply means that many people who have products to sell and need traffic fast to their product’s landing page will go to Google or YouTube and run ads because Google and YouTube get millions of visitors per month.

So most people who know that they can get someone to buy their product fast just by running ads will go there and run ads. So the advertisers pay Google or YouTube to show their content to people who are either searching for written content or video content, once YouTube gets paid they show the ads on the videos of some YouTubers and give those YouTubers a percentage of the money they made. So that is how YouTubers make money from YouTube’s partner program.

You can make money from Google by creating a blog or a tools website and running Google ads on it, but on the other hand, you can make money from YouTube just by creating a free YouTube channel and creating videos, you can make a lot of money from both YouTube and Google but on YouTube, you don’t need to pay for a domain name or web hosting or anything. All you have to do is create videos.

But here’s the thing, in other to start making money from YouTube you need to create videos, get at least 1000 subscribers on YouTube and have 4000 hours of watch time. Once you hit this number you can then apply to YouTube’s partner program and start getting paid online.

So how do you go from a total beginner to getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube and then 4000 hours of watch time? No worries, in this article I will show you everything, all my strategies, and my exact step by step plan so that all you have to do is copy my strategy and we can all win together.

Why am I so sure that this will work, well, remember earlier where I told you about my second YouTube channel with 270 subscribers? Yes, that channel was a test channel to see if truly it will work, I used that channel to learn a lot about YouTube, my main goal was not to monetize that YouTube channel but to learn about getting views and subscribers from it and indeed I learnt a lot from it, that is why I am so sure that it will work, and that is why I am creating this article to guide you and share with you everything I learnt, also that’s why I am creating a new YouTube channel and showing you so that you can see for yourself whether the strategy is working or not.

If you are ready for an adventure, get a pen and paper and let’s get to work.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Step 1


This step is very important, without first creating your YouTube channel, you cannot really get started, just get started, that is the most important thing.

I once heard someone say that making the decision to get started is harder than creating the first video, and creating your first ten videos will be harder than creating the next ten.

So the first step is to create your very first YouTube channel if you’ve not done so before.

To do this simply go to www.YouTube.com and sign in or create a new account following this step by step guide.

After signing into your YouTube account, click on the icon at the top right, this is usually the image you set as your google image.

Good job! You just created your first YouTube channel. Kudos to you

A quick tip: Always celebrate small wins, because, in the long run, it is the small successes that sum up to become big victories.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Step 2


One thing I love about YouTube is the fact that there is a bunch of resources for content creators on YouTube to learn from, you can do well check them out on YouTube’s creator’s academy, they are a very good source of inspiration for new YouTubers and the best part is that everything on the website is free.

They have awesome videos that you can learn from and if you feel that you only want to read and apply, they’ve got you covered too, they have long write-ups that break all the complex stuff into simple to read chunks.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Step 3


Now that you have learnt about the basics of YouTube, it is now time to create a plan for how often you will upload content to YouTube.

To do this you have to look at your current circumstance and see which upload frequency will be convenient for you.

This is where you will decide whether to upload content on a monthly basis, five times a week, twice a week or even once a week, it all depends on you and your current circumstances.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Step 4


Next is to choose a niche, a niche is simply the topic your channel will focus on. In order to find your niche ask yourself the following questions:

-What am I always searching for?

-What are people always asking me about?

-What can I easily do for hours without getting tired?

-What do I love talking about?

-If money was not a problem what will I enjoy teaching other people


Those questions above will help you find your niche, well at least they helped me find my own niche.

When I answered the following questions I got these answers

I am always searching for YouTube tips and online marketing strategies

Many of my friends always ask me about affiliate marketing and getting subscribers on YouTube

I can easily write blog posts and make YouTube videos for hours without getting tired

I really love talking about YouTube and making money online

If money was not a problem I would really love to teach other people how to make money online and how to explore YouTube.

After answering those questions I found out that my niche was within digital marketing, online businesses and YouTube

So now you since you are still reading this, just answer the question above and find your niche, your own niche could be anything, maybe you love fashion, or you love games, or it could also be that you love talking about the latest phones and laptops, it’s totally up to you, answer the questions and find your own niche, this step is very important.

How to Get Started with YouTube: step 5


I will share with you exactly how I get content ideas for my YouTube videos for free, it is a very simple strategy that anyone can do.

Step 1: getting YouTube content ideas

Go to the YouTube platform, and in the search bar type in whatever you feel like talking about, let’s say you want to talk about the best cars.

Go to the search bar and type in “the best cars” and press the space bar.

Now what YouTube will do is to give you other keywords that people are searching for, the reason why we are doing this is that we only want to create content that people are searching for. We don’t want to create YouTube videos that will not get any views.

So look at the other keywords that YouTube provides you with and pick ten keywords that are most suitable for you.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Step 6


This step is quite self-explanatory, but just to reemphasize the point, you want to always make sure that your YouTube video is helping someone in one way or the other, also make sure that your YouTube video is  answering someone’s question or solving someone’s problem.

To create the YouTube videos, don’t let your circumstance hold you back, maybe you don’t have a good or expensive camera, don’t worry use your phone, if you are talking about something good people will listen to you.

Remember my own example, I am creating content using just my mobile phone because I don’t have money for a good camera. So it doesn’t matter, just make sure that people are hearing everything you say clearly, because that is the most important thing.

As time goes by, you can upgrade your YouTube production kit.


In order to be super consistent, we will not just create one YouTube video to be uploaded, rather what we will do is to create at least ten YouTube videos and then schedule those videos.

Now what I really love about YouTube is the fact that you can schedule your videos very easily and you can also tell YouTube the exact day and time you want the videos to be published.

This way you can be super consistent on YouTube and your subscribers will know exactly when to expect your YouTube videos.

Another advantage of doing this is that, even when you are sick or tired, your scheduled videos will be uploaded by themselves. And all you just have to do is reply to comments and delete spam messages.


Here’s how to schedule your YouTube videos

Method 1

Go to your YouTube studio dashboard, go to the upload section and click on it

It should show you a new tab where you can upload the videos you want to upload, you can either upload the videos in bulk or upload them one after the other. I prefer to upload them in bulk because it saves time and stress.


How to Get Started with YouTube: Step 7


  1. Create a good thumbnail
  2. Create good titles
  3. Optimize your YouTube video description
  4. Add tags to your videos
  5. Use TubeBuddy or VidIQ

After creating your YouTube videos, you have to optimize them so that they can be seen when people search for them on YouTube, to do this there are five steps you have to consider.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Rank in Search

Step 1: Create a good thumbnail

This is very important because if you have a bad thumbnail then nobody is going to click on your YouTube videos, and if nobody clicks on your YouTube video, you will not get views and if you don’t get views then automatically you will not get subscribers.

Here’s what you can do

To create good YouTube thumbnails you can use a free web tool called “canva” to edit your YouTube video thumbnails. Make sure the words on the thumbnail is very visible and can be seen easily, also make sure that you don’t stuff it with too many words.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Rank in Search

Step 2: Create good titles

Make sure that your title is descriptive enough to make the viewer know what they are about to watch and short enough not to bore the viewer.

Try not to use clickbait as your title because this will make many people hate your videos and will go back when they discover that it is not what they wanted to watch.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Rank in Search

Step 3: Optimize your YouTube video description

How can you optimize your YouTube video description, simply add tags to your description and also add the keywords that are in your title also in your description?

As a good rule make sure that your description is somehow long because I have noticed that videos with longer descriptions do well in search.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos to Rank in Search

Step 4: Add tags to your videos

Make sure you add tags to your YouTube videos and make sure that you don’t just add any tag hoping that it will make your video rank higher in search.

What you want to do is to make sure that you add long-tail keywords to your YouTube tags, because the competition for long-tail keywords are usually long

Examples of short-tail keywords

Web hosting

Latest cars

Fastest boat

Examples of long-tail keywords

Web hosting for new bloggers

Latest cars that can run super fast

Fastest boat in that can be bought for less than $2000

How to optimize your YouTube videos to rank in search

Step 5: Use TubeBuddy or VidIQ

Finally, I enjoy these two apps for optimizing my YouTube videos, TubeBuddy and VidIQ, trust me you want to try them out, you can choose to use anyone you like, I might write an article comparing VidIQ to TubeBuddy because I don’t even know the difference between the two yet.

So since you are just getting started, you can use one of them, just pick one and go with it.

I highly recommend you use this app

Now inside of these apps, you can see some other things that you can do to optimize your YouTube videos further.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Additional tip 1

What kind of content can rank on YouTube

There are specific types of content that can rank on YouTube, these are videos that:

  1. Answer a particular question
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Helps someone in one way or the other
  4. Are funny
  5. Are educational

The list goes on and on but just use this formula to create your videos so that they can rank in search.

(Videos that can rank)= (provides value­­­­) + (educational)

Now you have chosen a niche, created ten videos and scheduled them to be uploaded at their own time.

Maybe just one of the ten videos have been published already and have been optimizing, don’t rely on only YouTube to get views

how to get views outside the YouTube platform

there are different sites and platforms that you can get views from, examples are Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Telegram, Quora and many more sites,

step 1: Get YouTube views from Facebook

Now that you just published a new YouTube video, you don’t want to wait for YouTube to determine your faith, and to tell you how many views you can get, how about we game the system a little by boosting our views by ourselves.

Now when I say getting views from Facebook I don’t want you to go to different Facebook groups and spam them with your links, if you do that you will surely get banned.

Rather what you should use this powerful formula I am about to give you.

After publishing your YouTube video, copy the link give a quick summary/ teaser about the video and post it on your profile, now I know, maybe you have only ten friends on Facebook how do you get others to see it.

Super simple

Join relevant Facebook groups that are in your niche and once you are approved, give out value.

A good tip you can use is to dish out a summary of what you said in the YouTube video and tell them that if they wanted to watch the full video they should contact you because you don’t want to spam another person’s group.

Guess what, a lot of people from that group will check out your profile and will see your video there and they will click to watch.

Another way to do this is to create your own Facebook group and add value thereby posting summaries of everything you said in your YouTube videos regularly.

Make sure you use hashtags because this will enable a lot of people using that hashtag to see your own content and maybe even join your Facebook group.

So this is how you can start getting views to your YouTube videos even before YouTube starts recommending it to people.

How to Get Started with YouTube: Additional tip 2

Important tip

Always promote your videos because more views simple means you will have more subscribers because no one will subscribe to your YouTube videos if no one sees them in the first place.

Additionally, it is important to always promote your videos because when you get monetized on YouTube those additional views will be more money to your pocket.


Quora is also a great place to get views from if you do it the right way.

So how can you get views from quora to your YouTube channel? It still brings us to the first advice, ALWAYS ADD VALUE, give out the value and then link to your YouTube channel.

Teach people something and then link to your YouTube channel, there is no magic there, that is exactly what the big players in this game are doing. Your job now is to just copy them.


here’s my new YouTube channel that I created today


This is the only guide you will need to learn how to get started with YouTube

Go to work, if you did not understand the process, start again from the top and jot down some points.

I am in your shoes as you can see, I just created my account today to test this method. Do it with me, think about what could happen if you succeed at this.

What will that extra dollar mean to you? Look, it won’t be easy but just know that it is 100% possible.

I know you can do it because according to research, we humans can achieve anything we set our mind to do. So go now and start implementing this. I hope this will change your life.

If you have any questions kindly ask and I will happily do my best to answer your question.

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