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How To Create Your Own Template On Canva

how to create your own template on canva

You are about to read the best guide that would show you how to create your own template on canva. If you are someone who creates a lot of design work following the same pattern, having a template would be of great benefit to you.

Even though you have’nt noticed that you are spending a lot of time repeating and redoing stuff. With a template, you can easily eliminate unnecessary repeated tasks.

What are canva templates

You know those premade designs that you find on canva when you search for anything? Yeah those are templates. You can create many different templates on canva and share it with anyone you like.

Types of templates you can create with canva

  1. Ebook cover template
  2. Infographics template
  3. Youtube channel banner template
  4. Ebook template
  5. Checklist template

And many more just like that. Canva templates helps to save time and increase productivity. With a template you don’t have to waste time thinking of design ideas. All you have to do is change a few things and you are done. You can even sell your template designs for money.

Also, having a template can help you greatly if you want to maintain your brand design on social media platforms like Instagram and even Facebook. You don’t have to redesign your images every time you want to post something. Just pick the template and change a few things.

So let’s talk about creating your very first template on canva. Here’s how

How to create your own template on canva in 5 easy steps

In my case, I’ll be creating a template for a blog banner. And here’s how I’m going to do it

Step 1: log in to your canva account

This very easy. Just use your registered email address and your password to log in. after login it will take you to the dashboard where you can find your recent graphics or (if your account is new) other pre-made templates.

Step 2: choose a blank template

Since we would be creating this template to be used next time or to be shared will take the time to edit it properly. Let’s design it properly. I’m going to use blue and add some basic designs in my own design

Step 3: Add your design

Take your time when doing this so that you can create a beautiful design. Also, because you won’t be doing it every time. You can use canva shapes, different elements and free images from canva to style your design for free.

Step 4: click on the share button and then

Once you are done creating your template on canva, just click on share at the top right of the page. Then click on template link below the big “copy link” button.

Lastly copy your template link. This template link can be shared with others and it would allow them use that same template without having to design it by themselves.

Here’s my own template link if you want to use my cool design

This template link will allow others to be able to edit and customize your designs. But if you want to others to just view it without being able to edit it. Canva has got you covered. You can share a “view only” link and that would prevent others from editing it.

Here’s my own “view-only” link

Step 5: share your template

The last and final step is to share your newly created template with anyone you like

The reason why I love canva templates is that you can share it with others. Which means that, you don’t have to show people your account details for them to see or use your designs.



Now that you know how to create your own template on canva, head over to canva and do yours. Also if you found this article useful, let me know in the comments below.

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