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How To Get Google Adsense Approval And Make Money

google adsense approval

In 2021, I was at this same spot. I had just created my blog( and was trying to get it monetized. I heard about google adsense and loved the idea of using it as an extra source of income.

Being a new blog, I wanted to learn how to get google adsense approval too.  

And truth be told, I found a lot of helpful content online that helped me get approved. That’s why I created this ultimate guide to help YOU too

If you are a new blogger or just looking for a new way to monetize your website. This article will be one of the most valuable piece of content you come accross on the internet about this topic.

But be warned, this is not a quick read. It’s an Ultimate Guide. If you don’t have enough time, just bookmark this page for later. Take your time and go through the complete guide. It will teach you what you need to do to get google adsense approval.

I’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

 Now, let’s break it down and help you really understand the steps involved.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Create a website

You can’t make money with adsense if you don’t have a website. If you don’t have a platform with an audience. So you need to create your own website before any other thing. If you already have a website, you can skip to the next step

How to create a website

To create a website, you’ll need to buy 2 main things.

A domain name for your website

This would be the url your visitors will type into their browsers when visiting your website. Examples of domain names are, or in my case

Hosting, to host your website and make it easily accessible to everybody

This is the storage space you’ll need to store all the information on your site. If it’s a blog, this storage space will save your articles and images. If it’s a forum, it would hold all the comments of your users, and their data.

You can either buy a domain name and hosting seperately from different websites or you can buy it from the same platform.

Personally, I use truehost to host my own website. They are super cheap and have a good support team. So if you want to create your own website, check out truehost.

Some websites will easily get google adsense approval but others won’t. Google has given us special insights on the type of websites they want to approve.

There are 3 main types of website that google loves to approve. If you want to create your website make sure your site falls under any one of these categories.

They are:

  • Forum or Q&A websites
  • Blog websites
  • Saas websites

Let me break them down, one after the other for you.

Forum or Q&A websites

A forum website is a website that depends on user-generated content to run. Without users, the forum cannot function properly.

Many forums in different niches are monetized with google adsense on the web. One of the most popular forums or Q/A sites online is quora. And in Nigeria we have nairaland. Although, it’s no longer monetized with adsense, it’s a very successful platform.

Generally, users ask and answer questions and post articles on the platform, the owners make money when the users view or click on google adsense ads displayed on the site. Fortunately, you can also create a forum website or a Q/A site and monetize it with google adsense just like my forum. Gideon Empire Forum

Blog site

A blog (web log) is a web page that’s frequently updated that’s used to express oneself or for business content.

This is the most popular type of websites on the web. I once saw on blogging wizard that there are more than 600 million blogs on the web and many more are created daily.

Everyone is creating a website nowadays. And their reasons are justified.

If you want to get google adsense approval, you can easily setup a wordpress blog using truehost and monetize your site with adsense.  

READ: How To Create A Blog On Truehost

Now, let’s talk about the last type of website google wants to approve.

Saas website

A saas website or (software as a service) website is a site hosting a tool or a bunch of tools that solve a particular problem or need. For example, removebg is a really nice online tool. It’s a site that helps you remove any background from an image for free.

These types of websites are so good and wonderful that they can serve as a source of passive income if you set it up the right way.

The good news is you can use any tool you like and you don’t even need any coding skills to pull this off.

All you need do is:

  • Create or buy a saas tool
  • host it on your website
  • get people to know about it and visit it and lastly
  • monetize it with google adsense

and you are good to go. So, what I want you to do now is to choose the type of website you want to create

  1. Forum or Q&A site
  2. Blog site or
  3. SAAS tool

Pick one, you are just getting started. Just pick one.

Next, create the website. Use truehost or any webhost of your choice to create your website. Then, move to step 2

Can’t create a website? Learn how to create a website on truehost here or contact me here on facebook

Step 2: Customize your site

You can’t just create any website and submit it to adsense. You need to make your site look good. Even though it’s not the best in the world. Just make it look presentable.

Make it clean and sweet. So, when customizing your site, make sure you consider the following things:

  • theme
  • easy navigation
  • font size

1. Theme

The first thing when it comes to customizing your website is to look at the theme. First, let’s discuss what a theme is made up of and why it’s important that every site owner considers it first

What is website theme

A website theme is the skin of your website. The front-end part of a website is controlled by the site theme, from the background color to the layout of the posts to the font size. It’s all controlled by the site theme.

So, the theme plays a very vital role in the appearance of your site and the user experience. You need to choose a good theme when creating your site.

Furtunately, most of the themes created these days are mobile friendly and responsive. Which means that they look good on both mobile and desktop.

If you create a wordpress website, you’d be able to use a lot of free themes. Most of them go well with adsense too. So don’t stress about that. Just go with a theme that looks good, is simple and fast.

2. Easy navigation

once you’ve chosen a theme you are comfortable with, it’s now time to setup your navigation menu (or nav bar)

This will allow your visitors to easily navigate your site. You don’t want your visitors to be stranded trying to get to your about page or any of such important parts of your website.

Make sure it’s very easy to find. You can use the nav bar at the top, as well as the nav bar at the footer section of your website.

Don’t try to hide any of such pages because it might make your site look spammy and this can prevent you from getting approved by adsense.

Remember, there would be a manual review of your website. You dont want the google adsense team to see your site as unprofessional or spammy. So make sure your nav bar makes it easy to navigate your site.

3. Font size

when customizing your site, don’t forget about the font size. If it’s too small, your visitors won’t be able to read what was written and vice versa.

So, make it big enough to read but not so big that it looks annoying.

Once you’ve customized your website, it’s now time to add some common pages. But first, are you proud of the way your website looks? If not, you have to continue modifying it until it’s presentable and you are proud of it.

Step 3: Add common pages

There are some pages every website must have. It’s a must. Aside from the fact that it would help you get google adsense approval faster, it also tell people that your site is legit.

Whether you are monetizing your site with affiliate marketing or google adsense. These pages are very important to have. So, what are these pages? They are the:

  • Contact page
  • About page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Terms and conditions page

some people will also add the disclaimer page. But I think you can merge the disclaimer withe the privacy policy page.

1. Contact page

Why is the contact page important? From the name “contact”. It’s very important because it will help your visitors contact you if they need help with anything. Or if they like your content and just want to thank you for it.

Some of this blogs readers have contacted me on facebook just to thank me before. So besides the fact that google wants you to have this page on your website. There are other benefits too.

2. About page

Whether it’s a personal blog or a business blog, your website needs an about page that would help your readers know more about you.

Just like every book has an about the author section, the about page helps your audience know more about you. This page can serve as an opportunity to tell the world about your mission and goals.

You can also share your portfolio on this page. You never can tell who might just need your service or your expertise in their organization.

3. Privacy policy page

You see, whenever people visit your website. Your site will be interacting with their private data in one way or the other. It might save their location, the type of phone they are using and much more things.

So, it’s important to transparently tell your users that their data is in save hands and your site needs it to function properly.

You don’t want to get sued for manipulating someone’s data, do you? So make sure you have that page too. Again, fortunately, you don’t have to write any thing on that page yourself. There are many online saas tools that will help you write your privacy policy page. A very good example of such saas website is Free Privacy Policy Generator

4. Terms and conditions page

Super important. It’s a page where you’ll explain major terms and conditions regarding your site. Again, you don’t have to create this page yourself. Just use that tool I told you about to create it.

Step 4: Create content on your site

Have you ever seen a blank site with google adsense? Well, I don’t think so. Even if they exist, they won’t make money with it.

Whether you are creating a forum website, a blog or a saas website. You need content on the site to help people and google understand what your site is about.

When I say content, I really mean words, images and videos. You can have only text on your site or combined with images and videos. You can use the 3. Don’t use only videos on your website or only images. It would be look anoying.

If you have a blog, you need to create high quality content (aka articles) on your blog. Your articles should be unique if you want to rank on google.

For a saas website, you need to write content describing your tool. In this case, you don’t have to write much like the blog because, your tool is the main thing for the site.

Lastly, if it’s a forum website, you need to have some questions and answers on the forum, and at least some engaged users.

At this point, your website should be up and running and you’re probably getting some traffic to your site. Though, it’s not a must to get traffic.  

Step 5: Create a google adsense account

This is a very simple thing to do. All you have to do is to go to google adsense website and create an account. You’d be asked for your name and email. It takes less than 2 minutes.

Most people would create their google adsense account first. Don’t do that. Follow steps 1 to 4 first before ever creating your google adsense account.

Look, if you create your google adsense account now, you might start thinking about monetization quickly.

If you are not approved on your first trial, you might start losing the motivation to work on your blog. So, wait. Do all the needed tasks and it would be easier when you finally create your google adsense account.

I would advice you use a new email to create your google adsense account. But you can use any email of your choice. The choice is yours.

Step 6: Make sure your site meets the google adsense program policy

Before you submit your site to adsense, read this page about google adsense policies and make sure your site adheres to the policies. They won’t approve your website if you don’t meet their program policies.

Step 7: Submit your website for review and wait

Once you’ve done that, it’s now time to apply. Just login to your dashboard and go to my sites. Then add your website url there.

It might take up to 7 days for you to get a reply from the adsense team. You’ll either be approved or rejected.

If you are rejected, don’t lose hope. Check for the reason, correct it and reapply. Did you know that it took me 3 trials to get approved for adsense? Your’s might be 4,5 or 2.

Google is looking for quality bloggers, but sometimes newbies might be making some mistakes. You’ll definitely get approved.

Step 8: Verify your identity and add payment method

After getting approved you’ll start earning money. That’s if you’re getting traffic. When your earnings get to $10, you’ll be asked to verify your identity. Google will send you a verification pin. Once you receive it, enter the pin and you’ll be verirfied.

Add your bank account and so that when you reach the $100 threshold, you’ll get your money without stress. Google is an international company, so don’t worry about getting scammed.

Step 9: Get more traffic to your site

The last step is to get more traffic to your website. Just like I said earlier, without traffic, your website won’t earn a dime. Even though you get approved, if you don’t have traffic, you won’t make money.

There are different ways to get traffic to a website.


Wow, you got to this section. It shows that you are really serious about this business and you will make it.

If you follow this guide from step 1 to 6, you will definitely get approved for google adsense. Google wants to approve as many websites as possible. You just have to meet their requirements which are very basic stuff.

I’ve outlined what I think are the most important things to do to get approval. Atleast, it’s exactly what I did before getting approval.

This is a really great business and I believe if you put the work towards starting your own blog and monetizing it. You’d get many benefits from it. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or contribution in the comments section.

Frequently asked questions

While writing this article, I came accross so many questions that newbie bloggers where asking so I decided to add them here. So since you’ve learned how to get google adsense approval, you can read this section to answer other questions you might have.

Should I monetize my website with google adsense?

Yes, you should. Google adsense is one of the best ways to make money with a blog. It’s easy to start and it can be a form of passive income.

With google adsense you can monetize the content on your blog passively. I know affiliate marketers would try to object that affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize a site.

But as a blogger, there are some post that are just informational, while others are promotional. Take for example, if you are writing a review, your main goal is to get people to buy the product.

But when writing your “how-to” post like this one. You can and should have google adsense ads on that page.

In summary, google adsense will help you monetize all the content on your page both informational and promotional. So you should definitely have google adsense on your website.

What are the benefits of using google adsense on a blog?

If you are monetizing your website with google adsense, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • passive income
  • easy to manage
  • clear dashboard and tracking
  • maximize earnings
  • multiple sources of income
passive income

This means you’ll be earning money even when you aren’t working. Everytime you create a new article on your blog. Just see it like you’ve created a new worker for your business.

With google adsense, everytime that content gets views, you’ll earn money. You can earn money from just one article for years. This is the typical passive income everyone talks about.

Easy to manage

It’s very easy to manage google adsense on your site. You just have to click a few buttons and allow google do it’s thing.

That’s the sweetest thing about google adsense. All you have to do is to just add a code to the header of your site. After that, google will automatically start showing ads on your site.

If you want to reduce or increase the number of ads showing per page you can do it on your dashboard. Which brings me to the next point

Clear dashboard and tracking

Google has a very clear dashboard that’s easy to navigate and understand. You’ll be able to see how much you’ve earned for that very month and your pending balance.

You’ll also be able to see your top performing pages and which ad format is performing best. Here’s another cool thing about adsense. You can see all the ads that’s showing on your website from your dashboard.

Maximize earnings

As a blogger, if you want to earn a lot of money, you have to learn other ways to maximize your website earnings.

Even though you are already monetizing your site with affiliate marketing, by adding google adsense, you’d earn more money from your website.

I know what you’re asking now. What if people click on the display ads instead of my affiliate links?

Answer: there are cool ways to merge affiliate marketing and display ads together. When you understand the different type of content on your blog.

You can remove display ads from your promotional content like reviews and comparisons and only leave them on your informational post like how-to posts and listicles.

Multiple sources of income

If you are an affiliate marketer or you have your own product, adding adsense to the mix will help you build multiple sources of income from only your blog.

As you should already know by now, you can monetize your blog in so many ways, like:

  • affiliate marketing
  • google adsense
  • courses
  • sell ad spaces
  • sponsored posts
  • etc

Should I remove affiliate links before I apply to google adsense?

No. You can leave the affiliate links on your site before applying for google adsense.

I had many affiliate links on my website before applying but that didn’t stop me from getting approved. So, if you are already promoting affiliate products, you can still apply and get approved.


Make sure you are adding value when adding affiliate links on your website. Don’t just create thin pages with a lot of affiliate links and expect to get approved for adsense.

If you are writing a review make sure your review ads value to your readers.

Should I get traffic first before applying for google adsense?

Traffic is not really important for you to get google adsense approval but it is very important for you to make money.

Without traffic on your site, you won’t make a dime. That’s why, I recommend you start getting some traffic to your website before you submit your website for google adsense.

Look, I know you are very eager to start seeing some earnings on your own dashboard. But, without traffic on your site, it’s not possible.

Work on getting more traffic to your site first, think of monetization second.

Is google adsense better than affiliate marketing?

It depends on your niche. A site like wikihow would benefit more from display ads than from affiliate marketing. Why? Because of it’s niche.

If your niche doesn’t have affiliate products, you won’t make money. Even if it has affiliate products, if you are targeting an audience that don’t have the buying power. You won’t make money.

For example- someone teaching chemistry might benefit more from adsense while a website about business or sales funnels would benefit (or earn more) from affiliate marketing.

So back to the question. It depends on your niche and your target audience.

Is it hard to get google adsense approval?

The answer is simple.

No. Getting google adsense approval is easy. Easier than you think. If you are a new blogger trying to get approved, it might look hard. But truly it’s not.

If you do everything right and your website is eligible, you’ll get approved instantly.

Why most new bloggers fail to get approved

I too struggled for a while before getting google adsense approval on this website. I was even told that my site would likely be rejected.

But look at me today. I don’t mean to brag, but my site has adsense (lol)

Looking back, it makes me want to laugh at those so called gurus who reviewed my website. At the time, I thought they were actual experts.

After getting approved, I realized that it’s actually very easy to get google adsense approval. In fact google wants to approve as many websites as possible.

So if it’s very easy to get google adsense approval, why do many newbie bloggers get rejected?

Well, it’s not so black and white but would most likely be because of one of these reasons (many of which I was guilty of doing back then):

1. Not having a good site navigation

Back then when I was just getting started, I didn’t know what I was doing. My site navigation was probably very poor.

I didn’t even have a link to my about page from the main navigation menu. Can you imagine?

2. The site looks spammy right from the start

If your site has:

  • Too many banner ads
  • Little to no content
  • Thin pages that’s filled with mostly images
  • Too many links leading people to the same place
  • Too many affiliate links without valuable content  

It might be considered as spammy. So look into that and improve.

3. AI content or trash content

You must have heard of chatgpt, the new AI tool that helps answers any question you have. Some bloggers might begin to use it to create their articles.

If you are one of those bloggers using AI tools to write your articles. Stop it.

Create original content. That’s what google wants and that’s what will help you get approved fast.

I think the best place to use AI content is for your social media. It would make life easier. But dont use it on your blog.

4. Not enough content

This is so obvious, but so many people still fail to understand. Just put yourself in google’s  shoes. If a blog website were trying to get monetized with just 1-5 articles. Would you approve that request?

Just by mere looking at it. You can tell that the site is less likely to gain any traction or make any money.

5. Very new blog

You can’t just create your website today and expect google to approve you immediately. It doesn’t make any sense.

Plus, if you were approved, you won’t even make any money. You’d get frustrated and will most likely quit.

So why don’t you wait for a while, build up your website. Start getting traffic before you apply.

6. Bad grammar

Now this is the easiest one to correct. If your articles have bad grammar. All you have to do is install the grammarly extension. It’s very helpful. It would help you correct any bad spelling or grammar in your article.

Do this before you apply

Before you submit your site for google adsense. Check the list above and conduct a honest review of your website. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is my site really ready for adsense
  • If google were to approve my website right now, would I be able to make any money? Even a dime?
  • What could I be doing wrong that might cause my website to get rejected for adsense
  • Do I have a good site navigation
  • Does my site look spammy

Answer those questions honestly and work towards improving your site. In the end google is looking for more website to approve. They just want to make sure that the site is at least up to a certain standard.

If  you want to fast tract your site getting google adsense approval, then get this ebook where I break down everything step by step. It’s called the ultimate google adsense approval guide..

Now, you can definitely get google adsense approval without this guide. But with it, you’ll skip the trial and error and only focus on what has been proven to work. So, go and get it.

How long does it take for adsense to be approved?

It takes around 1-4 weeks to get google adsense approval. That’s if you are doing everything correctly. But can be longer if you are doing some things wrong.

Can I get google adsense approval without traffic?

Yes, you can get google adsense approval on your website without traffic but you might end up not making any money because you need traffic to make money with adsense. Also, you are more likely to get adsense approval fast with traffic.

How do I get google adsense approval without traffic

If you are not yet getting traffic to your website. You can still apply for google adsense and get monetized. To do that, make sure you:

  • Create a website blog, forum or saas tool
  • Customize your site
  • Add common pages
  • Create content on your site
  • Create a google adsense account
  • Make sure your site meets the google adsense program policy
  • Submit your website for review and wait

How to get google adsense approval fast?

If you want to get google adsense approval fast. Focus on getting as much traffic to your website as possible, get more traffic to your site, make sure your site meets google adsense program policies before applying.

You need to think like google. Which website would you approve fast. A website without traffic that doesn’t meet your program policies or one that’s getting thousands of monthly visitors and meet’s your program policies.

Option b right? Yeah.

Google wants to approve as many websites as possible so that they can show their advertisers ads on many more websites.

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