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Getresponse Free Plan: Start A Real Online Business (Free Forever)

Getresponse Free
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Starting a business online doesn’t have to be that hard. Most online businesses only require a website, an autoresponder and a landing page builder. How do you start a real online business starting from scratch without paying for anything? Getresponse free is to help you

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Introducing Getresponse Free Plan

Getresponse is one of the best email marketing companies out there. But since they started, they only had a 30 days free trial. With this trial you only had 30 days after which you would be prompted to start paying.

But recently they decided to help more people start their online businesses faster. So, they came up with the idea of having a free plan (I’ll cover all that’s included later in this article)

This way many people will be able to start their small businesses online and hopefully grow to greater heights.

Getresponse has made it really easy for you to start an online business today. Formally, you needed to invest some money to create a website or to start email marketing. But with Getresponse free plan you can do both for free!

I’m so happy to share this with you because it means you can now create a website for free and even start email marketing with no money

Take me for example, I had to save for more than three months before getting money to buy a domain name. If only I saw this offer back then it would have made things easier for me.

Anyways, just like I said earlier. I’m glad to introduce you to Getresponse free plan. Let us look in detail into some of the core features that their free plan has. I’ll also show you how you can use it to start your own business online.

You Can Create a Free Website

You and I both know that there are many benefits of having a blog/website for your business and any business without a website in the 21st century will suffer. That is why many small business owners put creating a website as a top priority.

Although the cost of starting a website for the first time is somehow low. The renewal plans are usually way higher than the first payment.

With the Getresponse free plan, you can create a free website without any unnecessary ads on your content.

This is different from WordPress.com free websites where ads are shown below and above your website. Getresponse free website doesn’t display any kind of ads on your website making your website look really professional.

Another awesome thing is that you don’t have to be a programmer to design your website. They have an AI-powered builder that you can use to edit and customize your site.

What if you don’t have any creative skills? They still have already made templates that you can just choose and edit for your business.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about SEO because the websites are fully optimized for search engines.

As you have seen, Getresponse has done a really great job by creating a free plan. If you haven’t created your own website, you can now do that for free.

Start Email Marketing For Free

If you watch marketing videos on YouTube, I’m sure you would have heard of this saying before. If you are not growing a list, you are not growing a business

That’s why a lot of people are always trying to get people into their email list. Also, it was discovered that for every $1 spent on email marketing you get $36 back.

Of course, there are different ways to grow your email list. But that’s not what we are talking about now.

You can start email marketing for free with Getresponse free plan, honestly, I was surprised when I saw this because normally everyone knows that getresponse only has a 30 days trial, but thankfully they have changed their minds.

The only thing is that they only allow up to 500 contacts on your email list. This is still a great option if you focus on getting only targeted people on your list.

So once you create your website, you can use the signup forms given to you to get more leads for your business. You’ll also get a dedicated landing page that you can tweak however you wish.

That’s not all, they have different email tools that will help your email campaigns do well. For example, their predesigned email templates that you can just pick and edit to your taste.

Now as you can see you don’t have to spend any money to start collecting leads while you are on Getresponse‘s freemium plan. Just create your account and start today.

How can Getresponse free plan help you?

With Getresponse free plan you can now start getting your message out there. It means your business will start getting more exposure, more leads and more sales.

This is the lowest point of entry for you because it doesn’t require any money from you to start. You can start for free and start growing your business from there.

Remember that you can always upgrade to their paid plan at anytime to get access to their full marketing platform.


What is Getresponse free?

Getresponse Free is the new free plan that new marketers can use to start their online businesses.

It allows you to build a free website with their special AI-driven site builder. You can start email marketing and start getting leads with their lead generation tools.

Can I upgrade from the Getresponse free plan?

Yes, once you are ready to expand you can easily upgrade to their paid plans later on.

They will even offer you another 30 days to try all their premium features before you pay. But if you aren’t ready yet, you can continue enjoying your free plan.


As you have seen, you have no reason not to start your own online business now. even if you don’t have a business yet, remember that you can always start affiliate marketing without any product. The barrier to entry has been eliminated

No more excuses, go now. Create your website using Getresponse, start collecting leads(optional) and start promoting your business.

I don’t mean to sound like a motivational speaker, but the only way you’ll fail is if you do nothing

Are you ready to start your own business today?

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