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Getresponse Ecommerce Review ► Transform Your Ecom Business Today

getresponse ecommerce review

Have you ever wondered how big ecommerce sites like amazon and ebay are able to send you an email immediately you buy something?

Or have you ever searched for something on any of these sites only to be start seeing their ads few minutes after you left the site?

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about automating your ecommerce site with getresponse ecommerce. We will discuss the benefits of doing this and lastly, I’ll explain how getresponse helps you save money.

Are you ready, let’s get started.

Introducing Getresponse Ecommerce

We all know getresponse. The best platform that helps you automate and promote your business with email marketing.

getresponse homepage
This is their homepage

They’ve added a feature to their platform that helps ecommerce sites make more sales. This is done by providing other ways to contact customers aside from your ecom site alone.

This new addition will give ecommerce companies the ability to target customers based on

  • where they are on their customer journey
  • their behavior on your site
  • their past purchases

Getresponse ecommerce has a many features but the one I really like is the cart abandonement feature.

Recover abandoned cart
Recover abandoned cart with getresponse ecommerce

Basically, when someone tries to buy something from your site. But for some reason(s) they fail to complete the purchase.

You can set up the system in getresponse ecommerce to send an email to them immediately to remind them of their purchase.

This will help you get your customers back to complete their purchases. Isn’t that cool?

It really is!

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How does getresponse ecommerce integration work?

Getresponse has made a name for making things extremely simple and user friendly. It can be integrated to popular ecommerce platforms like shopify, magento and woocommerce in very easy steps.

integrate getresponse to ecommerce stores
Integrate your ecommerce store to getresponse

The best part is, even if you don’t find your favorite integration platform, you can create one using their API. I wouldn’t like to sound technical here.

But creating a new integration is really easy. With a simple google search you can do a lot.

Also, most ecommerce platforms have detailed tutorials on how you can integrate their services with different platforms. So, there is no barrier when it comes to linking getresponse to any ecom platform.

Features and Benefits of Getresponse Ecommerce

Easy integration

As mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to integrate it to ecommerce platforms like woocommerce and magento.

They have many useful guides that will help you do this.

How to integrate Getresponse to ecommerce platforms

Here are some of the integration guides you should check out

how to integrate getresponse to prestashop

How to integrate getresponse to shopify

magento to getresponse integration

woocommerce integration tutorial by getresponse

Advanced segmentation

With getresponse ecommerce, you can segment users based on their behavior on your site, past purchases, and order history.

It is really wonderful, because you will have access to a lot of data that can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns.

With this feature, you can easily make more sales by sending custom messages to different customers based on:

  • Recent orders they’ve made
  • Products they are checking out on your website

Product recommendation

Have you ever received an email from a popular ecommerce site suggesting products you might like to buy?

This is done by their email marketing platform. It has studied your past purchases and your preferences and that message is usually automated.

You can do this as well with getresponse ecommerce. All you have to do is drag and drop the product recommendation box into your email and it will automatically add relevant products that your customers might love to buy.

Each email is different and is customized to fit the preferences of each customer.

Coupon codes

Tell your customers about coupons that can help them save when they make a purchase. Sometimes when people don’t complete their purchase, it might be because the price is too much.

With getresponse ecommerce, you can send personalized emails containing your coupons to these set of people. It can help you convert more people and make even more sales.

You will be surprised as to how many sales you can make just by reducing 3% off the product’s actual price

Access to email marketing tools

This is one of the reasons why I love this new update. When you go with getresponse ecommerce, you’ll also have access to their email marketing platform (without limit).

This means that, while promoting your ecom site, you can also market other products. Even those that are not in your ecommerce site.

Let’s say you an affiliate marketer, but you also have an ecom store. You can promote your ecommerce store as well as affiliate products. All on the same platform and the same price.

You don’t have to pay anything else to send emails, build landing pages and even create optin forms.

This forms can be embedded on other sites you have. All working to help you build your email list.

This is an example to getresponse form being embedded on your website.

As you can see, I’ve just embedded a form to collect emails from my website visitors. If you enter your name and email. It will be added to my email list on getresponse and I can start sending you emails.

This does not stop me from automating my ecommerce store too.  

Omnichannel campaigns

With getresponse ecommerce, you can reach your customers from different angles. Push notifications, SMS, popups and web push notifications.

You can use SMS to remind your customers of coupons and ongoing sales to get them back to your site.

Getresponse Ecommerce Pricing         

Talking of price, how much do you think a tool like this should cost?

$1000? $5000?


Although this feature can help you increase the number of sales you make, it is not expensive.

You can get started with the monthly plan at $119. But when you go with the 12 months plan, you would be able to save 18% (paying only $97.58/month)

Getresponse new pricing plan
Getresponse latest pricing plans

If you want to save up to 30%, pay for 24 months upfront. This is good because you won’t bother yourself again for the next 24 months.

Note: the prices I mentioned above are only for your first 1000 customers. You know the saying, with great power comes great responsibility. On getresponse, with a bigger list comes bigger prices and it’s well worth it.

Check getresponse pricing plan to get the exact price based on the size of your email list.

Getresponse Ecommerce (is it worth it?)

Think about it.

According to statistics, 97% of people that enter your website might never come back again. This includes your ecommerce site.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that helps you direct people back to your site?

Knowing that these same people are potential customers who might add more revenue to your business?

Of course, you should do everything within your power to get previous customers as well as new prospects back to your site.

That’s what getresponse ecommerce helps you with.

With this tool, you can target people who visit certain pages on your site.

Even without having to hire an expensive web developer or a professional advertising company.

Adding this to your business can help you grab and regain all the sales you’ve been losing

So personally I think it is worth every penny.

Get started with getresponse today and scale your ecommerce business

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

There you have it, everything you need to know about getresponse ecommerce

Getresponse for ecommerce is what you should be using if you want to take your ecom business to the next level. If top sites like amazon and co are using this feature you should too.

They wouldn’t be using such high automation if it weren’t working. Try it and see.

I’ll like to know your own opinion on getresponse for ecommerce. What do you think about it?

Or if you have a question. Either way, let me know in the comment section below.



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