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can affiliate marketing be done on facebook?

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I'm always on facebook, i want to know whether i can do affiliate marketing on facebook

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You can make 💰money💰 chatting with your friends on Facebook

But not the usual way most people will tell you about. 


Some will tell you to spam your friends with your affiliate links🔗, this is a bad ❌ strategy. Dont do it

The best way is to create content on a regular basis. People will engage with you. Join groups and add value, the group members will notice you and checl your profile out. 


On your profile, you should noy try to sell anything, not now. Instead, try to build a relationship with people. 


Offer them something free that will bring them into your world(email list) 


Once, they join your email list, they will be a potential client, just make sure you follow up with them through e-mail and you can start selling the affiliate products to them any time you like. 


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