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How To Make Sales While Building Your Email List For affiliate Marketing

how to quickly make sales while building your email list

When building an email list, you can quickly scale up the process if it is done the right way. For some time now, I have been building my email list without making any offers at the backend of the landing page. Recently, I discovered that there is a very simple tweak that I could have used to increase sales whenever people signed up.

That’s what I would share with you today. The normal way of building an email list is to offer something valuable and related to your niche. When people see this freebie, they would give you their name and email to be able to access it. So recently, I read this book called “sell like crazy

Is the book “Sell like crazy” a good book?

It’s a very wonderful book that I just read, if you are into sales and online business stuff you would have seen the ad for this book on Facebook.

I was retargeted a lot before I decided to read it.

While reading it, I discovered that I was missing a lot of sales that could have happened immediately after people joined my email list.

This simple tweak to your landing page will help you get more sales.

Like I was saying, I would normally send people directly to the download page for my freebie

But inside this book, I discovered that I had to be doing something to increase my conversion rate. I was supposed to be using the godfather strategy (as Sabri Suby puts it)

What is the godfather strategy?

To implement the godfather strategy, you have to build a very valuable freebie, create a landing page that tells people what they would be getting (just like you would do on a normal day to build your email list)

Then after they signup to download or get your freebie, before sending them to the freebie, you will make them an irresistible offer.

Now, inside the book (sell like crazy) Sabri was talking about your own products. But this can also be applied to affiliate marketing.

If you don’t have a product of your own, but you are promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate. You can still use the godfather strategy to make sales.

If you have done everything correctly, then you would have

  • Created a freebie that is somehow related to the product you are trying to promote
  • a landing page that converts like crazy
  • the affiliate link to the product you are trying to promote

So the last step will be to make the irresistible offer. But this brings a question to mind.

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What is an irresistible offer?

This is an offer that will make people buy immediately otherwise they will feel like they are missing out on something big.

Now, let me show you exactly how to create one

How to make an irresistible offer

“Make an offer that will keep you up at night”

The way I understand this is for you to make the offer to the extreme.

Create something very bold that will make your competitors ask themselves – “how can he possibly do that?”

He advised that if you want to do this, the very first thing you should do is make the promises.

Make them so big and surprise yourself, then try to blend them into something that you can actually do.

If the product is not yours, these will be your bonuses. So along with the product, they will be buying, they will also get your bonuses if they buy using your special affiliate link.

Lastly, when doing this, make sure you tell them the value of your bonuses to help people understand that their monetary investment will be very small compared to what they are getting.

Important: make sure the bonuses you offer complements the product you are trying to promote.

Let’s see how this can be done

Imagine that I was selling a weight loss product (called XYZ) that helps you lose 50lbs in 30 days (by the way, I know nothing about weight loss)

Here are my own extreme bonuses:

Along with product XYZ, you’ll also be getting these bonuses

  • I will personally ship a physical copy of my hardcover workbook to track milestones for 30 days (value $27)
  • Free access to my amazon 7 hours course on consistency to help you stay consistent and implement this course (worth $197)
  • My 13 days training series that will show you how I lost 20 pounds myself in 10 days ($537)
  • The single most important thing to do if you want to lose weight permanently (value $297)
  • Lifetime access to my VIP Facebook group to get daily motivation and share your progress with others like you ($1997)
  • 30 days video call from me to help you remain consistent with your goals (value #priceless)
  • I will fly over to your country and take a picture with you on day 1 and 30 to show your before and after image

The last bonus seems impossible (though it depends on the commission I’ll be getting for the product).

This is how you can make an irresistible offer that will make people buy immediately or feel like they are missing out on something really big.

There are two other marketing books that will teach you a lot about the online business world just like sell like crazy book.

Reading these books will help you to be profitable, whether you are an affiliate marketer or not.

Here’s the list:

Let me know other awesome books you’ve read that can help affiliate marketers and online business owners.

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