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Make Money Blogging in Nigeria: $2500 Every Month

make money blogging in nigeria

You can definitely make a million naira blogging in Nigeria. Let me give you this simple strategy.

Just a brief clarification. This is not one of those GRQ schemes. You have to work if you want this to work for you. It doesn’t matter whether you like writing or not. If you are serious, this can work for you. It takes dedication and a good strategy to pull this off. But if you follow me on this guide, you’ll thank yourself later.  

Yes, it’s very possible and you can do it too. But before I show you how. Let break that number down. $2500 or 1 million naira looks really big and scary. Since we’d be earning most of our money in dollars, it’s only a good idea to convert it to dollars. So, let’s convert and break it down to little chunks.  

As of writing this article, $1 is a little over N400 which means that N1, 000,000 is about $2,500. So how are we going to make $2,500 in Nigeria with just a simple WordPress blog? Here’s the formula.

You write an article promoting an affiliate product that would pay you $50 or more per sale. If your goal is $2500, you only need to make 50 sales.

To do this, you must get about 5000 targeted people to your article. So that even with a 1% conversion rate, you’ll hit your target goal.

You need to learn how to create quality content that ranks and understand the various ways of driving traffic to your site. That’s what this article will show you.

This is how it goes:

  • Create a website with just one goal. To write. It doesn’t have to be fancy just create the site. And write!
  • Your content must be something people are actively searching for
  • Next, monetize your website either with affiliate marketing or display ads. This is the money part.
  • And lastly reinvest every dime and scale up your business.

Writing it like this makes it look very simple right? Don’t be deceived, it’s not. But if you follow the steps in this guide, it would be less stressful.

Nigerians are really smart people and I’m really happy to be a Nigerian. It’s only in Nigeria that you teach someone something once and he/she would do it perfectly. That’s why I know that you can do this.

Also, it’s easier now than ever before to create a website. You can even do it in less than 30 mins. I do it all the time. But since you are just getting started, I’ll give you 1 hour. It shouldn’t take you more than 1 hour to create your blog.

I highly recommend dreamhost to create your website. If you want to start a profitable business, you have to start the right way. Dreamhost offers you a free domain for the first year. Also they give you free SSL to keep your website secured for life. I lastly, their support team are really helpful.

Wait, I know you are super excited and can’t wait to start blogging. This is where most people go wrong. You have to choose a niche. A niche? Yes.

What is a niche?

A niche is what your website would be about. For instance, blogs that write about comedy and celebrities are in the entertainment niche. While those writing about fitness are in the fitness niche.

It’s important to choose your niche because it helps you rank better on google and gather like-minded people to your blog. Now that you’ve gotten your niche, there’s one last thing you need to do before you start writing.

Before you start writing anything on your new blog, you need to find keywords that have a low competition.  

Blogs that are still new would have a domain authority (DA) of 0. It would be extremely hard to rank on google for topics with a high keyword difficulty. The higher the keyword difficulty, the higher the competition would be.

There are different ways to find low competition keywords. You can use paid keyword tools like semrush, ahrefs, spyfu and the likes or free tools like answerthepublic, h-supertools and even google trends.

After writing for as many keywords with low difficulty, you can start targeting even more keywords with higher difficulty to get even more traffic.

Even with a low competition keyword, you might find it hard to rank if your content is not good enough or relevant to what people search for. That’s why, you need to write high quality original content.

Avoid copying other bloggers. It would do you more harm than good. And google is really good at identifying duplicate or plagiarized content. The more you write, the better you’ll become.

If you want to rank and get people to your website from google then make sure you take your time and write high-quality content. It must solves a problem and answers the questions of your readers.

By now you are already writing high quality content on your blog and you are beginning to get some readers. Even though at this stage you aren’t getting thousands of visitors to your blog, it’s still a good idea to start promoting affiliate products.

This is called affiliate marketing. It’s simply the process of promoting someone else’s product for a commissions. Depending on your niche, the product you chose to promote would defer. Clickbank is a very good place to find affiliate products to promote. Sadly, it doesn’t accept users from some countries.

Luckily, you can join other affiliate marketplaces and affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize a new blog because there’s a big chance of earning huge commissions and you don’t have to create your own product to start making money online. You don’t even need to be an expert.

Here are a list of affiliate programs to join that promises good commissions. To find even more affiliate programs. Just look around and find a product you are already using. Then search on google for it’s affiliate program.

A very good example is getresponse. Since I use getresponse for some of my promotions. I search for “getresponse” affiliate program. Then I joined its affiliate program. As a getresponse affiliate, I get paid $100 whenever I refer a customer to them.

So find affiliate programs that you can promote and start promoting them on your blog using reviews, comparisons and detailed articles.

AdSense is the easiest display ad network to join if you are just getting started. They can be a source of passive income if you set it up the right way. Imagine a blog getting about $10,000 page views monthly. They could be making a monthly passive income through     AdSense.  

If you want to get approved for AdSense, make sure you have enough quality content on your blog before applying. They are very strict when reviewing new blogs. But if you meet all their standards, they’ll approve you immediately. Also, your traffic doesn’t matter but without traffic, you’ll earn nothing.

Without traffic, this business is dead. Traffic is what helps you earn more as a blogger. The more traffic, the more money you can make monthly.

When people visit your site, they do that for just one article, either from google or social media and when they are done consuming what they came for, they might never return to your blog.

That’s why smart bloggers look for different ways to keep their audience coming back to their site. They use different cool ways to get people back.

Although there are many methods bloggers use in getting their visitors back. The three best ways are through social media, push notifications and email marketing.

These three methods helps you save your readers’ details so that you can notify them when next you release a new article.

If you want to make money with a simple WordPress blog. There are two main ways to go about it. By using display ads networks like google AdSense and Ezoic or affiliate marketing by promoting the products of other people.

And lastly, to get the ball rolling, you must drive as much traffic as possible to your website because more traffic means more money for you.

So tell me, do you have a blog or you’d like to create one soon.

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