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are you frustrated because you don’t know the best affiliate program to join?

Finding affiliate programs can be hard and time consuming at times. You don’t know the requirements or how it works, so you end up wasting time searching for details online. Luckily, in this article, I will show you the 5 best affiliate programs for beginners.

You’ll discover how it works, how to join and how much you can make. I’ve did all the research for you. You don’t have to waste any time looking for answers on the web. You’ll find everything here.

All you have to do is learn about the affiliate programs, join, link your payment account, promote and earn. Let’s get started.

Disclosure: I’m sure you know what affiliate marketing is. This page contains affiliate links. If you click through and purchase an item, I may earn a commission. See our terms of service for details

Table of Contents

Best affiliate programs for beginners – 1

Bluehost affiliate program

The first on my list is the bluehost affiliate program. They provide a lot of promotional resources for affiliates. Making your job as an affiliate marketer stress free.

Who can you promote bluehost to?

The reason why I promote bluehost is because almost everyone needs a website. Since bluehost offers web hosting and domains, you can basically promote bluehost to anyone.

Lawyers, doctors, singers, cooks, crypto traders and many more. Everyone needs a website, so if you join bluehost affiliate program you will be sure to make some sales.

How much can you earn promoting bluehost?

According to bluehost, they will pay you $65 for every web hosting package you sell. This is a very sweet offer. But, let’s take a minute to think about this.

Why is bluehost able to pay $65 per every sale you make? Let me take you through the buying process.

When you send a paying customer to bluehost. Knowing that this customer will continue to pay yearly. They can confidently give you the $65. That’s why they have so many affiliates promoting their products.

So let’s talk a little bit about joining the bluehost affiliate program.

How to join bluehost affiliate program

best affiliate program for beginners - bluehost affiliate signup page
If you want to promote bluehost you should go to his page

Previously you could join bluehost affiliate program from their website, but they have now migrated to impact radius.

So to promote bluehost as an affiliate marketer, you need to have an impact radius account.

best affiliate program for beginners - impact affiliate network signup page
signup and login page for impact radius affiliate network

So, go and sign up for impact radius and join the bluehost affiliate program.

How does Bluehost affiliate program work?

It’s a very simple model. Once you join the affiliate program, they will give you your personal affiliate link. This is the link you should promote to people.

Whenever someone clicks on this link, it will immediately reflect on your dashboard that someone has clicked. And when that person buys, it will also show on your dashboard that you’ve helped bluehost with one sale.

Your account will also show that you’ve earned $65. Although you won’t be able withdraw this for now. More about this later.

This is simply how the bluehost affiliate program works.

Promotional resources for bluehost affiliates

As an affiliate for bluehost, you won’t be left alone to find a way to promote the product yourself. If you have a blog, you will find a lot of tools and resources on your dashboard. You can use them to promote bluehost.

Things like banners of different sizes and html codes that can be embedded on your website or blog.

These things makes your job as an affiliate marketer very easy. You can embed the codes on some pages on your website.

I recommend adding the banners and codes on some informational articles you have. Especially articles that has to do with website creation or blogging.

Even if it’s not an article that’s showing how to create a website, you can still add the banner on your articles as long as it’s somehow related.

What can you promote as a bluehost affiliate?

Just like I mentioned earlier on, bluehost is a webhosting company. So you can promote their webhosting packages. They have three web hosting packages that you can promote. This are the 12, 24 and 36 months hosting packages.

Is bluehost affiliate program legit?

I found some people asking this question online so I thought I should include it in this article. Yes, bluehost is a legit affiliate program. Once you make a sale for bluehost, they will pay you your money at the appropriate time.

How does bluehost pay their affiliates?

Bluehost pay their affiliate through PayPal only. So if you want to join the bluehost affiliate program, you need to have a PayPal account that your commissions will be sent to.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, go and create one it’s very easy.

Also, if you are in a country where you can’t receive money with your PayPal account, don’t let that stop you.

You can start promoting the product. When you make a sale, you will be able to get your money out. Trust me.

You can contact other marketers in your country. Many of them have PayPal accounts, and they will help you to withdraw your affiliate commission. Some might ask for a fee while others will send you all your money for free.

How long does it take to withdraw your commissions?

It takes 45 day for bluehost to process your commissions after the end of the month you made the sale. What this means is that, if you make a sale on the 20th of a particular month. You will receive your money after a month and 15 days approximately.

Want to promote bluehost? Go to bluehost and signup

Best affiliate programs for beginners – 2

Getresponse affiliate program

Getresponse runs an in-house affiliate program, meaning that they host their own affiliate program. They are a SAAS company offering email marketing services to their customers. Their plans ranges from $0 to $97.58/ month depending on the size of your email list.

Commission structure for getresponse affiliates

There are of two types, the bounty and the recurring affiliate program.

best affiliate program for beginners - getresponse affiliate signup page
This is how the getresponse affiliate signup page looks like

If you join the getresponse bounty affiliate program you will earn $100 per sale. On the other hand, if you promote their recurring affiliate program , you will earn 33% recurring commissions (this is good if you want to create passive income)

This means that, if you promote the recurring affiliate program, you will continue to get paid. As long as the customer you referred remains a paying customer. But if you promote the bounty affiliate program, you will earn $100 once per sale even if the customer’s subscription is less than $100.

Why is getresponse able to pay $100 per sale

Well, getresponse is an email marketing platform. Their paying customers will build an email list on the platform. Meaning that, for them to continue sending emails to their subscribers, they need to pay every single month. And if they love the platform, they will stay there for a very long time.

So getresponse is able to pay their affiliates $100 per every sale. Because they are confident that the customer will stay for the long term and will end up paying much more than $100

How to join getresponse affiliate program

The registration process is very simple. If you want to join getresponse affiliate program, go to getresponse affiliate signup page and choose the one you would like to join.

best affiliate program for beginners - getresponse affiliate signup page
this is how the signup page looks like

You have two options, the bounty and the recurring affiliate program, just like I told you above.

Choose the one you would like depending on your preferences. The bounty program can help you make quick cash. The recurring program will help you to make passive income every single month.

Here’s what I mean by passive income

Just in case you don’t understand what I meant by passive income. It means you do the work once and you will continue to earn money every single month. As long as the person you referred remains a paying customer.

The new getresponse website update

Getresponse recently updated their website and customized some things. They have now redesigned the website and they allow their affiliates to be able to promote both the bounty and recurring affiliate program. What this means is that if you sign up as a bounty affiliate, you can also register to promote the recurring program.

getresponse affiliate dashboard looks like
Getresponse affiliate dashboard

The new getresponse affiliate dashboard is also user friendly and very cool.

Getresponse resources for affiliates

Yes, getresponse has a lot of promotional resources that will make your job easier. This will help you make your first or next sale faster than you think.

They have banners, and other promotional tools that you can use to entice and attract new buyers for them.

If you registered for both the bounty and recurring commission program. When you login to your affiliate dashboard, you’ll find your bounty affiliate link and your recurring affiliate link.

Following the new update, you can navigate to the bounty section where and the necessary resources.

Or the recurring section where you’ll find all the available resources to promote the recurring affiliate program. It’s a really cool update. 

Is getresponse affiliate program legit?

Yes of course, the getresponse affiliate program is very legit. It was created to help getresponse make more sales and get more customers.

They only have to pay after you’ve gotten the desired result. So it’s good for their business. Also, it’s good for you as an affiliate because you don’t have to create your own software to make money.

When would you get paid as a getresponse affiliate?

According to getresponse terms of service. They will verify for 60 days to confirm that the people you referred are valid and active customers. After this 60 days period, your commissions will be paid within 30 days.  

So you will have to wait for almost 90 days before you get paid. This is just a way to ensure that both parties are on the safe side and no one is cheating the other.

Getresponse pays their affiliates using paypal. So you would be needing a paypal account to get started.

Join getresponse affiliate program here 

Best affiliate programs for beginners – 3

Fiverr affiliate program  

best affiliate program for beginners -this is fiverr's homepage
fiverr’s homepage

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers. You can find graphic designers, writers, voice over artists, web developers and much more on the platform. Promoting different services on fiverr can help you make some commissions as an affiliate marketer.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a skill or not. As long as you are approved as a fiverr affiliate, you can start promote any service on the platform.

How to join fiverr affiliate program

best affiliate program for beginners - join fiverr affiliate program for free
click the image to join fiverr affiliate program

If you want to join fiverr affiliate program, go here. Click on signup and enter your details truthfully. They would verify your application and let you know if you are accepted into the affiliate program.

What can you promote as a fiverr affiliate

There are 6 different ways to promote fiverr, these are

  • Fiverr CPA
  • Fiverr Hybrid
  • Fiverr Sub Affiliate
  • Fiverr Learn
  • Workspace
  • Fiverr Business
different products you can promote on fiverr
fiverr products you can promote

All these different methods have their own commission structures. But the two main categories are the fiverr CPA and the fiverr hybrid.

Fiverr CPA 

With fiverr CPA you can earn from $15 to $150 per sale made from a first time buyer. This depends on the service that was purchased by the customer you referred.

Fiverr hybrid  

With the fiverr hybrid, you’ll earn $10 CPA and 10% revenue share for up to 12 months. Also, the sale must be coming from a first time buyer.

This means that whenever you refer a first time buyer, irrespective of what they buy, you will earn $10. You will also get 10% of whatever fiverr earns from the purchases of that person for a period of 12 months

This is a really smart strategy that fiverr is using as a business, bearing in mind that a customer could buy more services in the long run for years to come.

But, it’s also nice for affiliate marketers because you can make money from the services rendered by others.

The other ways to make money with the fiverr affiliate program are:

Fiverr sub-affiliate 

This is where a fiverr affiliate refers another affiliate marketer to fiverr. In this case, if you are able to get someone new to promote fiverr, they will pay you 10% of whatever that affiliate marketer earns.

This is super cool because, if you send 10 affiliates who end up making $100 from fiverr. You would make $10 from each which is a total of $100. Now imagine if you send like 100 affiliates and they make even more than $100 each.

Promotional tools available for fiverr affiliates

They have something known as gig ads widget which is a simple HTML code that can be embedded on your website. It will look like a part of the fiverr platform and your visitors can find service that way.

With this promotional tool, you can easily get people to start buying services on the fiverr platform.

How much can you earn promoting fiverr

There are people earning a lot of money with the fiverr affiliate program.

Like this guy I found on YouTube, he shares his strategy with you. Enjoy

how to make money with fiverr affiliate program for beginners

You can earn a lot of money with fiverr affiliate program with a blog. Every single day, people are searching for freelance services.

Did you know that majority of people don’t even know that fiverr exists. This is good news for me and you. Our job now is to link this people with fiverr and get paid for it.

There are thousands of people too looking for an affiliate program to promote, you can link this people to fiverr and make 10% of their lifetime commissions. All you have to do is tell them about fiverr affiliate program. If they join, they will be your sub-affiliates and you can start making some money whenever they make money.

So as a fiverr affiliate, you can earn money in many different ways. Some ways you don’t even know for now.

Is fiverr affiliate program legit?

Yes, fiverr is a very legit affiliate program. They have a lot of happy affiliates that’s all I can say.

When does fiverr pay their affiliates?

Fiverr pays their affiliate through wire transfer, payoneer and paypal so you can join their affiliate program from any country and be sure to get paid.

They make payment once every month but only for accounts that have earned more than $100. If you have earned less than $1000, you’ll be paid through paypal or payoneer. If your earnings are more than $1000 you can get paid with wire transfer.

Signup for fiverr affiliate program here

Best affiliate program for beginners – 4

Clickfunnels affiliate program

Clickfunnels is a software company that enables its users create sales funnels. Just in case you are not familiar with a sales funnel. It is a set of web pages structured in a strategic way to convert visitors or prospects into paying customers.

How to join clickfunnels affiliate program

It’s very easy to join the clickfunnels affiliate program. All you have to do is go to the clickfunnels affiliate signup page. You can join the affiliate program even if you are not a clickfunnels user yourself.

If you use another sales funnel builder like Even if you are not a clickfunnels user. You can still promote clickfunnels products and the software to earn yourself some more commissions.

Resources for clickfunnels affiliates

Clickfunnels provide their affiliates with banners, social media posts and email swipe files. These will help quickly make sales as an affiliate.

What products can you promote as a new clickfunnels affiliate?

As a new clickfunnels affiliate, you won’t be able to promote the main software until you make 10 sales of the one funnel away challenge. This is a good way to filter the best affiliate marketers from the rest.  Once you are able to make 10 sales of the OFA challenge, you will then be able to promote the software.

Here are the products you can promote as a clickfunnels affiliate

•             The one funnel away challenge 

•             Traffic secrets book 

•             Dotcom secrets book 

•             Experts secrets book 

•             Your first funnel (this is a new one)

Commission structure for clickfunnels products

Clickfunnels will pay you 40% commission for any of their front end products that you promote. You’ll also earn a 20% lifetime commission whenever the person you referred subscribes to clickfunnel sofware.

When would you receive your commissions as a clickfunnels affiliate? 

Commissions are paid on the first and 15th of every month as long as you’ve earned more than $100.

Become an affiliate for clickfunnels

Best affiliate programs for beginners – 5

Systeme affiliate program is an all in one marketing tool for marketers. With, you can build sales funnels, send emails, create a blog and even an affiliate program for your product. You don’t need to integrate anything when using

The best of all is that is extremely cheap. They have a free plan that you can use to get started as a marketer.

With their free plan, you can create a sales funnel and do email automation as well. Their paid plan starts at just $27 per month and has a lot of superb features for marketers.  

Now let’s talk about their affiliate program. has an affiliate program that will pay you 40% lifetime commissions for every paying customer you send their way. It’s a very cool deal because basically sells itself and a lot of people will love to grab the deal.

How to join affiliate program

If you want to join their affiliate program, it’s super simple. Just go to and create a free account. Once your account has been created, you would be taken to your personal dashboard.

They have two different dashboards for you. Your main dashboard and the affiliate dashboard.

You will find your affiliate link on your affiliate dashboard and you’ll also be able to promote other products and offers on the platform. You can promote even though you are not a customer.

Promotional tools available to affiliates

When you join as an affiliate, you will get access to a lot of banners, email swipes files, guides, social media materials and even their logos that you can use when promoting them.

They have made your job as an affiliate very easy. You don’t have to think of other ways to promote the software as they have done all the work for you.

You also have access to the testimonials of their customers that you can use in your own personal promotion. promotional tools for affiliates
these are the promotional tools you have as an affiliate

When does pay their affiliates?

Affiliates are paid on the 10th of each month after these three conditions are met.

  1. You must have added your payment method to so that they can easily generate the correct invoice.
  2. Your earnings must be more than $30.
  3. The date when the commission was made and when you will be paid must be greater than 30 days.

What (3) means is that, if you make a sale on the 15th of February, they will wait for 30 days before the invoice would be created. The invoice will be created on the 16th of March. Since they only make payment on the 10th, your commissions will be cleared for payment on the 10th of April.

they pay through PayPal or wire transfer. You can instantly link your PayPal email address. If you want to use wire transfer, you need to have made at least one sale before you’ll be able to add your details.

Affiliate commissions for affiliates

As an affiliate, you can earn 40% lifetime commissions for every paying customer you refer to

I like to see it like I’m an investor in The more customers you send their way, the more your monthly revenue increases.

With their paid plan starting at just $27 per month, you will earn $10.8 when you refer a paying customer. When you refer 100 paying customers, you’ll be earning about $1000 every single month. Super cool isn’t it.

Is it easy to promote is very affordable, this will help you convert more people to start using it. Their highest plan is $97 which is the entry price for clickfunnels. So, it’s quite easy to promote.

As you’ve read yourself, you have all the tools you’ll ever need to promote What are you waiting, go and signup for affiliate program and start promoting.

As affiliates, I recommend you create your own account and start promoting it. You already have all the tools you’ll need for affiliate marketing on the platform, so get started.

Join affiliate program here and earn 40% lifetime commissions

start promoting to earn money online

best affiliate program for beginners - the end
source: pixabay

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If you are a new affiliate marketer, you can pick any one of the products listed above to promote. Like you’ve read above, your job is only to help these companies make sales and you can make passive income with their affiliate programs. I think these are the 5 best affiliate programs to promote as a beginner and everything you need to know about them.

Affiliate marketing is really cool because you don’t have to create any product or deal with customers. All you have to do is take your unique link and get people to use a particular company.

Saying it like this makes it look super simple, but trust me, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Put in the work and promote these products like it were yours and you will begin to see those affiliate sales rolling in.

One of the fastest ways to make affiliate sales is by building an email list. If you want to learn how to build your own email list and make affiliate sales on a regular basis, read my email marketing guide for beginners to learn how to get started.

Last updated: 26-08-2022

I will continue to update this post with new affiliate programs that you can join and make money as a new affiliate marketer. Before that, read this post to learn how to quickly make affiliate sales.

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