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9 Obvious Benefits Of Having A Blog For Your Business

Benefits of blogging for business

As an entrepreneur, there are two things that are very important to you, these are, more leads and more sales. Because it can either make or break your business. That is why I want to show you the benefits of blogging for business.

You need to drive targeted traffic to your website using content marketing and sometimes, you even start driving traffic to your website using ads. Did you know that the best kind of content marketing is blogging? Well according to 37% of marketers, it is.

There are many excuses people have for not starting a blog but not to worry, these excuses are about to be tackled in a minute, just remember that the best marketers do things that others complain about.

In this post, after tackling some of those excuses, I will tell you about the benefits a blog can have for your business. Trust me, the benefits are greater than the excuses.

Reasons business owners might avoid a blog

You see, most small business owners have different reasons/excuses why they might not want to start blogging. Here are some of those reasons, check to see if you have made some of the excuses before

After I tackle these excuses, I will then show you the numerous benefits that await you when you start blogging for your business. Let’s tackle!

1. Maintaining a blog is hard

They say it’s really hard to maintain a blog. How will I write? How will I respond to comments, update plugins and all that?

Common! no one was born a great writer and the good news is, you don’t even have to be good at writing to maintain a blog. The main thing is to strive to help people solve a problem.

You don’t have to be extremely good at writing to write your first blog post, just think about the questions your potential customers have and answer them in your blog…..

… the same time, that could be a great opportunity to advertise your business by linking the solution you offer your readers in your posts to your product or services. Can you see how simple it is?

Finally, no one said you must be the one writing your blog posts yourself, you can always outsource your writing from places like Upwork or Fiverr for as low a $5

2. I don’t have the time to blog

Time is the most valuable resource in the world but the truth is: we all have 24 hours. If you want to blog, you can always create time for it.

Since the average blog post has only 1142 words, if you wanted to write one blog post per week….

….you only need to write about 170 words per day and by the end of the week you would come out with an awesome blog post.

Above all, I think prioritizing is the best thing to do, when you have multiple things to do, setting priorities will help you find the time you need to blog.

3. I don’t know how its done

It’s simple, if you already have a website, it is really easy to start a blog. Really, once your blog is set up correctly. All you have to do is answer questions, how hard is that?

As the owner of a business, you will know a lot about your business and it will be very easy for you to answer questions related to your business.

So if you don’t know how to run a blog, just know that you have to answer questions that your potential customers have while linking to your products.

The main thing to keep in mind is that if you want to run a successful blog, you have to add value and as a business owner who wants more sales focus on marketing your products too alongside

4. I’m not doing this for the long term

If you are not in business for the long term, or maybe your business is only going to last for a year. You might be wondering if you also need a blog.

The thing is, blogging presents you with an opportunity to get more leads cheaper than any other paid method. In fact, you can get 3x more leads for less

5. I need fast results  

Another reason why most online marketers or small business owners might not want to create a blog is that they need fast results.

That’s why they prefer using ads. This is where you use all your advertising skills to get leads and make sales. But don’t forget that you will need capital to do this.

With a blog, you can get results by just writing on your blog, and you can continue to get more leads from just one post for a very long time.

Now that I have tackled some of the objections some marketers (or small business owners) have when it comes to creating a blog for their business. I’ll like to tell you about some of the great advantages of having a business blog.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Blog

1. A blog helps with higher SEO rankings

Think about a typical business with a website, you have some pages promoting your products or advertising your services and telling people what your company is about.

How well do you think those pages will rank on google, if you said – “Not that well” – you are definitely right. No matter how many black hat SEO you practice, there is no way a simple page (especially one focused on promoting a single product with no value to the customers) will rank higher on google.

In fact, if you know why content ranks then, you’ll know that that single page might rank for only your product name and nothing else.

Well, you might be able to rank for just that product you are trying to promote, especially when people search for that exact product name.

With a blog, you can rank on Google for multiple keywords, and guess what. All those traffic can be directed to your main sales page or service page.

2. Your blog give you more exposure

Your blog is like your company’s (or business’s) voice online. According to Hubspot, Businesses with blogs get 55% more website visitors

Think about it, if you are willing to spend a lot of money on ads then, you can skip having a blog. But if you would like to have more websites visitors (that are potential clients) for almost free, then start blogging today.

3. More leads for less cost (low cost per lead)

Having a blog can help you with 67% more leads, isn’t that a weird number?

What will 67% more leads do for your business? Advertising costs are getting higher, and the painful part is immediately your ads stops your traffic stops too

But here’s the sweet part, you can get organic traffic continuously from google, and you can drive targeted traffic to your blog posts using ads.

These kinds of ads are usually very cheap and you can retarget the people that read your blog post for an even cheaper amount.

4. Helps to Nurture your leads

OK, so you’ve gotten those cold leads, what next?

Add them to an autoresponder series that sells a 1000$ product, right? Wrong!

Getting leads is not enough and adding them to an autoresponder isn’t always the surest way (although its a good option too)

But think about it this way, in your blog post your readers can easily ask questions or read comments. This will help you nurture your cold leads.

And at the same time, you can use those posts to get even more leads.

5. Helps build a community of loyal fans

I once read a post on the clickfunnels blog. In that post, Julie Stoian revealed that one of her clients made $1 million and she said that majority of the traffic came from blog posts. She talked about the ultimate blog post.

Just like what I said earlier, you write a blog post targeting the questions your potential clients might have and then you link it to your funnel. This has a two-fold reward.

Firstly, it makes people see you as an authority on that topic and secondly, you can get more buyers traffic without spending a dime on advertising. A great example of someone who does this really well is Neil Patel.

He uses his blog to establish himself as an authority, and inside every post, he advertises his business.

6. Allows you to enter the minds of your customers

Being able to listen to your customers and create products they want is what makes you a good marketer. With a blog, you have the opportunity to get into the minds of your readers.

At the end of every blog post, you can ask your readers about their struggles. Most of your readers will definitely tell you what they are struggling with.

This can give you an idea of products they will be willing to buy. If you followed my advice and have been answering questions your ideal prospects are asking…..

…….this process will be very easy for you.

7. More interactions and feedback from customers

What if you already have a product (book, software, course). Your blog can help you to know if you did a good job.

A simple question to your readers and they will be glad to give you more feedback. This will help you perfect the product.

Aside from the feedback, it increases interaction in your blog. This strengthens the relationship you have with your customers

8. More links back to your website

HubSpot has found that companies that have a blog on their website earn up to 97% more inbound links. this is because your blog is answering questions and providing value. And it will make sense for people to link to your helpful posts than your sales pages.

So instead of just promoting your sales pages, you can do it this way. Create your sales page or the product page. Then create awesome and helpful posts answering the questions of your potential clients while linking back to your sales pages.

This is what will happen: people will read your posts, other bloggers might link back to you if it helps their own audiences in some way. More traffic to your website and more clicks to your sales page.

9. A blog distinguishes your website and makes your prospects see you as an authority

It is estimated that about 1.7 billion websites exist, in fact, every day 576,000 new websites are being created. In a nutshell, there are many new websites created daily, a blog distinguishes your website from others.

Just think about it, would you rather buy a product from someone you know nothing about or would you buy from someone who shows you how to use his/her product using case studies or tutorials on their blog posts.

Obviously, the second option is the most logical one. So create a blog for your business. If you have an app or software you can use your blog to teach people how to use it.

If you render services, you should use a blog to display case studies and testimonials from your clients.

10. Long term results

Did you know that you can continue getting traffic to a blog post months and even years after writing it?

That’s the beauty of having a blog for your business. If done right, you can continue to rip the benefits after a long time.

Do you have a book that you would like to sell? Why not use your blog to write about it. As people read your blog post, they’ll see that you referred to your book.

This can lead to more sales. You can do this also for your services.


As you have seen, a blog presents a lot of opportunities for small business owners. And as an entrepreneur, you want more leads and more sales.

I’ve shown you different excuses most people (like small business owners) give for not creating a blog for their business. And hopefully I have crushed those excuses.

I also shared 9 different reasons why you should have a blog for your business. Trust me creating one today will not be a bad decision. Its really easy to do that on wordpress.

Now tell me, which of the benefits above excites you the most?

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