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Gideon Kolawole: Owner and Founder of Gideon Empire

Welcome to Gideon Empire

Hi, welcome to Gideon Empire, my name is Gideon Kolawole. The main goal of this website is to share well-researched content related to affiliate marketing. This project started on the 25th of July, 2021. This was the day I decided to create GE. I love reading about affiliate marketing, passive income, entrepreneurship and real estate from top affiliate marketing gurus and brilliant entrepreneurs.

Also, I love to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs interested in building a real and legit online business. If that is you, send me a message on facebook (links here)

I would like to create my own digital tribe that will be filled with goal-driven entrepreneurs who derive more joy in giving than they take. Before then, I will continue to update this blog with fresh and interesting content that will help you succeed online.

How to get the most out of Gideon Empire

My goal is to help 100,000 people learn how to earn money online using affiliate marketing. I can’t predict the future to know whether or not I’m going to achieve this goal.

But I’ll continue trying as long as a can until it is accomplished.

Why you need to learn affiliate marketing

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve wanted to learn how money worked. I would always imagine people giving me $1 each every single day.

I’d say to myself. “If everyone in the world were to give me just one dollar (or even 1 naira) every single day. I’d be the richest man in the whole world”. So I kept looking for different ways to get people to give me money.

I knew the normal way that people in Nigeria made money was by the buying and selling of physical goods and services.

To do this, I would need to first rent a shop, fill it with goods then hope and pray and maybe fast to start getting loads of customers. I knew this was not doable because I didn’t have any money and I had school.

One day, I discovered that people were making money online. This was very strange to me. I didn’t know understand why anyone would want to make money from the web or how it worked.

Either way, I took my mom’s phone and typed onto her chrome browser – “how to make money online”

That single search which I know you would have made a thousand times changed my life.

I discovered a lot ways to earn money online and I saw undeniable proof that people were actually getting paid. Most importantly, I discovered that Nigerians where able to do this.

I’d never forget the kind of joy I experienced that day just knowing that with a smartphone I could now earn money. This was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

That night I could not stop imagining the kind of money I would make and how I would buy a good bicycle and a very big android phone. The thought of it alone gave me so much joy.

I was already visualizing myself buying things when I didn’t even know what I’d be doing to make the money.

The next day

Now realizing I could make money (online) and to sweeten it all. I could do it with just my android phone, I started searching for online business ideas.

Okay I know I can make money online. The question now was, HOW?

The next day, I searched for that same keyword (how to make money online) but this time I was paying more attention for the main details.

I made a commitment to start the easiest and most profitable. I don’t remember the website I was reading but I’m pretty sure it would be one of these sites

The article was definitely more than 3K words. You know these SEO gurus they like to break things down to the last point. After scrolling for what seemed like a minute, I got to a section that was all about YouTube.

I created a Channel

I learnt that people (including Nigerians) were earning money on YouTube. At first I couldn’t believe it. So I decided again to double check.

After checking and confirming, I created my first YouTube channel that very day. I was so happy and the joy in my heart was just unexplainable. The next day at school, I was walking pumped up. When asked why, I would say, I’m now a YouTuber (oo childishness)

The biggest thing about youtube is that your videos never really die. They can be watched today (as well as the next 30 years) and still pass the same message to the viewers.

Here’s one of my YouTube videos

I explained the formula for passive income here

Discovering affiliate marketing

After posting that first YouTube video, I started to really dig into earning money as a YouTuber. I watched many videos of YouTube explaining their monthly earnings. I started hearing the word affiliate marketing a lot.

Then, it dawned on me that most youtubers where making most of their money from affiliate marketing not really the ads. I saw a lot of videos like these suggested on my homepage. This made me wonder what affiliate marketing was all about.

But, I have to warn you, most videos about affiliate marketing you see out there are just filled with the wrong strategies. I learnt that as a YouTuber, you wouldn’t be able to monetize your channel with youtube’s partner program if you didn’t meet the requirement of 1000 subs and 4000 hours of watch time.

Getting into affiliate marketing

Now realizing that affiliate marketing was the fastest (not necessarily the easiest) way to earn money online. I wanted to learn how it was done. I wanted to understand the process of selling things online. Not just affiliate marketing

This made me obsessed with marketing. I watched lots of videos and read many blog posts. But I was still having issues with the implementation of what I’d learnt.

That was when I discovered the one funnel away challenge, a challenge I would never forget.


This is a challenge by Russell Brunson. A challenge to bring you into the game. It would not only teach you the strategies and techniques behind marketing and selling. But will also force you to implement what you learnt.  That’s why it’s called a challenge.

here’s a video about it by Russell Brunson himself

One Funnel Away Challenge Relaunched

This was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I’m truly grateful to myself for deciding to join the challenge.

Now back to Gideon Empire

You are probably reading all this wondering why I’m sharing my weird story with you, right? The answer is very simple. After surveying more than 1000 other affiliates I discovered that there are two main reasons why most affiliate marketers never earn a dime online.

40% of people don’t understand the strategy, while the other 60% are scared to implement what they know.

The one funnel away challenge is one that can show you the strategies and help you implement it. So check it out.

Back to me

I now write on this blog, not as a blogger but an entrepreneur who wants to help as many people understand how things are done.

Hope you enjoyed my little big story.

As you read more articles on Gideon Empire, I want you to implement everything you learn as much as you can.

My goal is to help as many people understand the best way to set up an online business. I would love to connect with as many entrepreneurs as possible.

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