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The Man Behind Gideon Empire

My picture (with my partial afro)

Hey there, I’m Gideon Kolawole, welcome to my blog..

My Quick story

About two years back, I heard about fiverr and freelancing.

I wanted to be part of the freelancing world but I was told I needed to learn a skill. That without any skill to present I couldn’t work on Fiverr as a freelancer.

I immediately headed for my browser and searched for different skills to learn and I was presented with more than enough.

After reading and narrowing down the list, I started to learn copywriting. It was really interesting and challenging

But as someone who loves challenges, I went for it!

Then I learnt about search engine optimization (a.k.a SEO) but as you know you cant really learn SEO without practice. So I created this website “Gideon Empire”

After creating this website I realized the power of digital marketing and the effects it can have on individuals and businesses

Learning digital marketing skills was the best decision I ever made. I share all my experiences, special tips and tricks on this website.

What is this website about

I thought long and hard before creating this website and I think I made the right choice.

I know that many people are out there trying to start working online but they don’t know what to do or how to start. That’s why I created this website to give accurate guidance to others. And show them the road map for this journey.

And I make sure to explain in such a way that even a little baby would understand, so that anyone reading my posts will get the most value from it.

What topics are covered on this blog

I want “Gideon Empire” to be the #1 resource for new digital marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers and those looking to make an impact online while making a living.

So the topics here for now will be about blogging and affiliate marketing

Join the family

I want Gideon Empire to be the community for digital marketers, bloggers and affiliates so join us on telegram today. Let us bring our heads together and share strategies with each other.